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  • At Steady, our Members make more money.

  • With Steady, you can earn cash rewards by making smarter financial decisions, obtain useful insights on how to earn more, and qualify for emergency cash grants for when you need it most.

  • We enable the Steady community to work together to create a better financial future. It is no longer strength in numbers, but instead, the power of knowledge through information to make better decisions.

  • At Steady, we use our technology to ensure state and local agencies have the necessary tools to deliver benefits accurately and efficiently, so our Members can get back on their feet quickly.

  • Steady has distributed millions of dollars in emergency cash grants, gives cash incentives for making smarter financial decisions, and works in partnership with non-profits and mayors across the country to test new ways of getting cash in the hands of those who need it most.

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  • $5,500*

    On average, our members earn over $5k more in yearly income with Steady.

    *See how we calculate Steady Members earnings

  • $4M

    In Emergency Cash Grants provided to Members who need it most.

  • $7M+

    In cash incentives paid to Steady Members so far.

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Lifting Members' Income

Complete your Steady profile to view personalized income recommendations and community-driven financial insights so you can start elevating your income right away.


Effective Benefits Delivery

Steady is dedicated to putting money in the hands of those seeking ways to generate more income by ensuring accurate and efficient benefits distribution.


Cash When You Need It

Millions have been paid to the Steady community through emergency cash grants, cash incentives, and many more opportunities available for Steady Members to earn more.

Initiatives that Put More Cash in Your Pocket

The way we work is changing rapidly and Steady is working harder than ever to get more money in the hands of our workers.

  • Universal Basic Income (UBI)

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) Initiatives

  • Emergency Cash Grants

  • Driving Policy and Systems Changes

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