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Adam Roseman & Shaquille O'Neal

When we met many years ago, we were struck by the similarities between our childhoods, growing up with moms struggling to make ends meet in the effort to support us and our siblings.

Finances in our households felt anything but steady, and our families’ incomes were pieced together from multiple jobs and sources.

Throughout the years, we’ve connected through our shared desire to help others going through financial hardships by finding ways to help them make more money and live the life they’ve envisioned.

We started Steady as a way to help people obtain access to tools and resources that increase their income by providing unique income guidance and information not available anywhere else. We believe that more opportunities to earn quick cash leads to better financial decisions. Steady is here to provide guidance so you can make better decisions and elevate your income. Our team’s shared commitment to helping our community earn more is the driving factor behind every decision we make, and every tool and resource we build.

We are proud to say that today we are helping Steady’s Members earn, on average, greater than $5,500 more per year. In the past year, we have delivered more than $4M+ in emergency cash grants to those in our community experiencing income loss due to COVID-19. We’ve also paid more than $15M to reward Members taking action to improve their financial health.

We know you can increase your income and Steady is here for you, every step of the way.

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