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Our Impact


In Cash Incentives Paid to Steady Members So Far


In Emergency Cash Grants Distributed to Members So Far


Additional Yearly Income Earned by Members After Joining Steady, on Average

We Put More Cash in Your Pocket

Steady's mission is to increase the earnings of American workers. We are working hard to create new initiatives focused on providing new ways to earn.

*How we calculate Steady Members earnings: For those members who have linked their bank accounts and for whom Steady has available data as of March 31, 2020, this amount was calculated by taking the total income over the six months following bank account linkage compared to the total income of this cohort for the three months prior to registration.

Here are a few of the ways we’re working to get you more cash:

Lifting Member Incomes

We deliver numerous tools that help you earn more and put real cash rewards in your pocket, because we believe the Steady community deserves more.  Through the power of information and community, we set you on the path to making the best decisions for your income and financial wellbeing.

Emergency Cash

Extra income can go a long way during difficult times. During financial hardship, your most valuable asset is the ability to earn income and keep moving forward. That's why Steady has partnered with The Workers Lab to distribute more than $4M in emergency cash grants so far, directly to as many of our Members as we can.

Driving Systems and Policy Changes

Steady provides technology and tools to help governments make informed policy changes for the evolving workforce. Our solutions are focused on making it easier for you to receive your benefits efficiently and accurately, so you can get back on your feet.

Co-founders Adam Roseman & Shaquille O'Neal discuss the Steady Together Initiative