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Are You Ready to Vote, Steady Member?

Since Steady launched back in 2018, we’ve centered everything we build around improving the lives of American workers. When COVID-19 hit, we pushed ourselves even harder to improve our members’ lives in tangible and immediate ways. From providing access to high-demand jobs, to offering emergency cash grants, to enabling telemedicine support, to implementing rapid ACH cash deposits, we’re proud of the positive impact we’ve made during such a difficult time.

With election day right around the corner, we know there’s still a lot more work to do to ensure the future is safe, fair and full of opportunity for every American worker. Steady is urging all of its members to get out and vote as if your life depends on it, because in this election, lives really are at stake.

If you haven’t already voted early via mail or in person, please remember to get out and cast your ballot in person on November 3. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’re prepared:

  • Plan ahead. Schedule a specific time for when you plan to vote in-person or drop off your mail-in ballot. Coordinate your work schedule accordingly, and don’t forget to build in a buffer to allow for waiting in line.
  • Research your ballot. Research the candidates and questions that will be on your ballot and make sure you’re voting to advance your rights as a gig or hourly worker. Which candidates and policies best support you having a steady income? If you’re a registered voter in California for instance, read up on Prop 22, which directly impacts app-based transportation (rideshare) and delivery drivers.
  • Stay safe. With COVID-19 surging again across much of the country, remember to wear a mask and keep your distance from others when possible. Also, don’t post pictures of your ballot on social media or take selfies when voting, as this is illegal in many states.
  • Track your ballot. If you’re voting by mail, you can track your ballot to see if it’s been received and confirm that it will be counted. Each state uses its own service for ballot tracking, so simply search for “track my ballot” to access instructions specific to your location.

2020 has certainly been full of unprecedented challenges, but at Steady we’ve never been more confident in American workers’ ability to not only survive, but thrive. Let’s channel our relentless hustle and drive at the polls this year, and make gig and hourly workers’ voices heard!