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Father’s Day: How Dads Can Earn Extra Money

Dads across the country are working hard, but having a family is expensive. The cost of raising a family varies depending on where you live. In Atlanta, Georgia a family of 4 needs at least $78,717 a year to meet basic needs. In Los Angeles you’ll need $92, 295. However, in the U.S. today the median wage for workers in the U.S. is $47,060 a year for a 40-hour work week.

To make ends meet, many fathers are turning to the gig economy. The gig economy provides flexible work for anyone looking to turn their free time into cash. How do you find a job that’s right for you? Let your skills lead you to a job. Are you a computer programmer, an artist or are you good at fixing things? Regardless of skill level there’s a gig for you.

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Do you love to draw? Can you come up with logos and branding for companies? Join Fivver. Fivver is one of the world’s largest online platforms for freelance creative services. They offer opportunities for everything from content writing to translation.

Or maybe performing is more your speed. Do you have a booming dad voice? Go to and start your voice-over career. It’s free to use and includes premium membership options.


Dads spend a lot of time behind the wheel taking kids to school and activities, why not make your time on the road make you extra cash? Apps like TommyRun, SkipCart and UShip put you in the driver’s seat. TommyRun delivers construction materials to job sites. SkipCart drivers pick up merchandise from stores that allow online ordering and pick up, but lack home delivery. UShip allows drivers to pick up items people want to ship so they can skip the big delivery companies.

HandyMan Skills

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Open up an Etsy shop to sell your custom creations. The site features everything from handcrafted furniture to vintage items.

Apps like Takl have a variety of services you can offer like moving, painting, repair jobs and more. Plus, you can set your own price. Take work only when you need it.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Cut and trim your way to extra cash. Sign up for LawnGuru or Plowz & Mowz, sites that provide on-demand yard care.

Office Skills

Maybe you love an organized desk and being inside is more your thing? Sign-up for Wonolo, an on-demand office staffing platform. Fill a job the day-of and get paid.

Are you good with computers and enjoy giving feedback? Userlytics is a work-from-home opportunity that pays you to test out the user experience of apps and websites while they are in beta. It takes only 5 minutes to apply and you’ll be counting your extra cash before the days over.

Jobs that Care

There are plenty of jobs that consist of helping people. is a website where you can find jobs caring for people and children. You can care for the elderly, nanny or tutor students online if helping with homework is more your skill set.

And don’t forget doggos need love too! Take to the streets to make some extra money caring for the furry 4-legged set. Sign up to walk dogs on Rover. You’ll make extra money and also get some sloppy dog kisses as an extra thank you.

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