7 Fantastic Income Boosters for When You’re Low on Money

Earning a steady income isn’t guaranteed, especially if you’re participating in the gig economy. A month of high earnings might be followed by a month (or more) of less impressive income, regardless of the time and effort you put in. 

Therefore, any extra income is welcome, giving you peace of mind when paying bills, covering expenses, and having fun.

Let’s talk about the seven best Income boosters Steady offers, giving you a roadmap to financial health with unbeatable cash bonuses.

What Are Income Boosters?

The idea behind Steady’s Income Boosters is simple: Guide people on the path to a better financial future with cash incentives that go straight to your account.

We all know about the smart money moves that increase our financial strength and security, but following through with those efforts isn’t always so easy.

With Income Boosters, we connect Steady members with trusted, effective products and opportunities that set them up for the long run, alongside excellent cash incentives in the short term.

It happens through the Steady app, which connects directly to your bank account and curates the best Boosters for your financial goals and needs.

Never before has it been so easy to get on track with your finances, get visibility into your income (from various sources), and boost your income along the way with direct bonus payments from Steady, just for making smarter financial decisions.

Income Boosters That Help When You’re Low on Money

If you’re interested in what Steady offers in income-boosting opportunities, you’ve got plenty to explore. Let’s now explore some of the best Income Boosters available, including what they offer, how much you earn, and how to get started.

1. Acorns - Up to $90


Opening an investment account doesn’t have to be intimidating. That’s the philosophy behind Acorns, a service that lets you “grow your oak” with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Top Features:

  • Save money and invest in your future with automatic spare change transfers
  • Easily set up retirement accounts like a Roth IRA with tax protections
  • Create personal or family accounts depending on your financial goals
  • Add incremental amounts to your stock portfolio or crypto wallet
  • Earn extra money and get savings opportunities from Acorn partners


To receive this Income Booster from Acorns, use the link provided by Steady, set up an account, and make your first investment of $5. Additional offers are available when you sign up for Spend and connect with direct deposit.

Bottom Line:

Don’t wait another day to set up your investment account with Acorns. It’s one of the best money moves you can make, and Steady will give you a cash bonus to start.

2. Webull - Get $20


Are you interested in learning more about stock trading and diversifying your portfolio? Webull is one of the more comprehensive trading platforms, offering an easy on-ramp for new users with plenty of great resources.

Top Features:

  • Choose between an individual brokerage account, a Webull IRA, Roth, or Rollover IRA
  • Use in-depth analysis tools to learn more about companies, trends, and opportunities
  • Connect with Webull Desktop to access a complete trading terminal and place trades
  • Benefit from 24/7 customer service and have all your investing questions answered
  • Take advantage of Webull promotions like free stocks and referral bonuses


Follow the instructions to sign up for your first Webull account in the app using the link provided by Steady. Fund the account with the required amount, and you’ll receive your bonus within the first 30 days, along with at least two free stocks.

Bottom Line:

Webull is a slightly more advanced investing platform, but you can use it any way you want. With the income booster applied, this is a no-brainer for anyone with a growing interest in the stock market.

3. Copper Banking - Get $25


Teens' parents always need a reliable debit and banking service for their kids. Copper Banking has emerged as a leading application for helping teenagers build smart money habits and giving parents some peace of mind as well.

Top Features:

  • The easy-access account lets parents and teens co-manage their money via smartphone
  • Set up a direct deposit and track income so that teens learn about earning and saving
  • The free debit card offers freedom to teenagers without the risk of going overboard
  • Set goals and allowances that give teens incentives to save and create good habits


Go through the Steady app and sign up for Copper Banking, using your or your child’s email to get started. You will receive your cash boost once you officially create your account and verify your ID.

Bottom Line:

As parents strive to teach their teens about money management, Copper Banking steps up as a reliable, trusted option. Use this service to teach young ones all about money and the responsibilities that come with it.

4. Uphold - Get $10


Have you missed the cryptocurrency craze and want to get in the game? Uphold makes the process easy without dealing with complicated transfer systems or hardware wallets. With an Income Booster from Steady, you can start your crypto journey today.

Top Features:

  • A safe, secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency
  • More than just Bitcoin - Uphold lets you buy over 100 different altcoins, new and old
  • Buy crypto in US dollars or trade between cryptos to make more efficient moves
  • Minimal fees, fast deposits, and a smooth, user-friendly experience on the app


To earn this income booster, just open your Uphold account as a first-time customer and complete one purchase of a cryptocurrency asset. Use the Steady app to ensure you’re logged in and verified to receive the cash.

Bottom Line:

Crypto is here to stay, so make it part of your plans for the future. Uphold gets rid of all the confusing aspects of crypto and offers a speedy, smooth service to get started.

5. Varo - Get $75


Mobile banking gets a makeover with Varo, a full-featured service that gives you financial flexibility wherever you go. This authentic, 21st-century banking experience lives up to the hype.

Top Features:

  • Zero monthly fees, zero balance requirements, and no transfer fees
  • Access to thousands of ATMs nationwide in familiar locations like Target and CVS
  • Varo Advance lets you get cash instantly with small fees
  • Set up savings accounts and get on track with your long-term financial goals
  • Earn money back when shopping with your favorite brands online or in-store


Sign up for Varo through Steady, then link your new bank account to the Steady Income Tracker. When you spend $25 with your Varo debit card in the first 90 days, you’ll receive $75 from Steady.

Bottom Line:

This is the perfect chance to leap to digital banking and never look back! See if Varo is the right choice for you and benefit from quick cash in the meantime.

6. Uber Eats - Get $30


The popular rideshare service has launched its food delivery platform with success. You can now earn side income as an Uber Eats driver and get a cash incentive to begin.

Top Features:

  • Set your schedule - just fire up the app and start taking orders right away
  • Take advantage of surge pricing during evenings and weekends to earn more
  • Try using the Uber rideshare service to drive passengers in addition to food deliveries


Create your Uber Eats driver account through Steady and have the app complete your background check. Wait for verification, then complete your first delivery as a driver. You’ll receive your cash from Steady once confirmed.

Bottom Line:

If you’ve got a car and some free time, nothing is stopping you from starting one of the most popular side gigs, Uber Eats. With this great incentive to get started, it’s the ideal time.

7. Novo - Get $50


Small business owners can benefit from any service that makes finances more manageable and transparent. With Novo, you get a powerful small business checking platform in a lightweight package.

Top Features:

  • Customized tools for user needs, depending on the type and scope of business
  • Integrations with tools like Quickbooks, Stripe, Square, and Shopify
  • Create invoices and reserves to stay on top of all business expenses
  • No hidden fees or minimums to get in the way of your business goals


When logged into Steady, apply for your Novo account as a new customer and earn $50 for your business or anything else you want or need.

Bottom Line:

With more people starting small businesses than ever, let Novo help you make sense of financials and get a bonus from Steady.

How Soon Will I Receive My Booster Rewards?

Every Income Booster has different requirements and timelines for when and how you receive rewards. Be sure to read the fine print described in each Booster on the app and allow additional time for cash transfers.


The right Income Booster - at the right time - can be the difference-maker when making ends meet at the end of the month. Steady is here to help you put more money in your pocket with these great Income Boosters and many more.


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