Steady's Income Tracker: A New Way to Think About Personal Finance

Everybody loves getting paid, right? It’s a shame that today’s personal finance tools focus so much on where you spend your money rather than where it’s coming from. Steady is here to change that.

While of course it’s important to manage your expenses, we take a different approach to money management. Instead of telling you, “don’t waste money on this” or “spend less on that”, we help our community focus first and foremost on making more money. Emphasizing earning over expenses lets us zero in on the more positive and exciting part of finances—getting more dollars flowing into your pocket.

One of the easiest and most underrated ways to start improving financial health is to simply reflect on the details of your income on a regular basis. As the famous philosopher and psychologist John Dewey said, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” Whether you’re working towards a specific savings goal, deciding which gig job to spend more time on this week, or getting on track to retire early, Steady’s Income Tracker can help.

Income Tracker

Securely access through our app or the web

Finances are a sensitive subject. First and foremost, we want you to feel secure. Income Tracker is accessible through our app or on the web—whichever works best for you. Simply link your bank account through our secure linking process and go.

Plan your future with month-to-month comparisons

Automatically see your total income for each month and easily compare earnings over time. Use this information to set a budget and more accurately plan your financial future.

Steady Income Tracker

Optimize your income streams

For those with multiple sources of income, Income Tracker aggregates everything in one place. Quickly see where you’re making the most money to be more efficient with your working hours and have more time for the things you love.

Eliminate manual efforts of tracking income

For those who don’t yet track their earnings, Steady’s Income Tracker takes out the guesswork and makes it easy to see all the details with just a few clicks. For those go-getters who diligently record all their financial specifics, we remove the need for manual effort or validate the calculations you work so hard to keep track of.