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Good Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well: Ultimate Guide 

From a global pandemic in 2020 to rising inflation in 2022, it’s hard for the average American to catch a break these days. These events have impacted all financial aspects of our lives and have changed our weekly earnings.

The gig economy is no new concept. People have had side hustles since commerce originated. But after quarantines and lockdowns around the globe, the trend toward gig and remote work has only accelerated.

For most of us, greater opportunities abound, from part-timers looking to earn pocket cash to entrepreneurial types wanting to network and make big moves. 

Now, with Steady, you can connect with part-time income opportunities that make sense with your skill set and schedule. Here’s your ultimate guide to getting started. 

What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs?

  • Airbnb
  • Amazon Flex
  • Babysitting
  • Cleaning houses
  • Delivering groceries on Instacart
  • Dog walking and pet sitting
  • Freelance writing/proofreading
  • Ridesharing for Uber and Lyft
  • Seasonal work (snow shoveling/mowing lawns)
  • Selling things (Poshmark/Etsy)
  • Taskrabbit

Are you tired of a rigid full-time job and seeking a career where you can choose your own schedule? Are you stuck at home all day at the desk? The perfect part-time gig is different for everyone.

There are gigs for people working remotely or hybrid to get out of the house and socialize. For the night owl, there are openings to deliver food or drive. Even couch potatoes can find a niche to earn some extra cash.

Here is a mix of some of the best-paying part-time work for every person, whether you have a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, a LinkedIn page or not.


Airbnb hosts list their room, house, or apartment through the app. Duties include interior decorating, cleaning, communicating, and resolving problems for guests, property maintenance, and property repairs.

Top Features of Airbnb

  • Hosts make money by capitalizing on their unutilized or underutilized spaces.
  • Airbnb is a highly active marketplace with access to a large market of guests.
  • Hosts benefit from offering a local or authentic experience than a standard hotel.

Airbnb Pay

Hosts can make hundreds of dollars per night, depending on the market, season, and property size. Hosts with superior photography, customer service, social media, and decorating skills can earn high ratings to set their properties apart from the competition.

Bottom Line

Airbnb is great for people with spare rooms, vacant apartments, or frequent travelers. Hosting requires higher effort than some gigs but can be worth the tradeoff.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a delivery app. Drivers pick up orders from warehouses, stores, or other facilities and deliver them to customers within their city. 

Amazon Flex is highly physical compared to some other driving and delivery gigs. Drivers must be physically able to work in all weather conditions and carry 50 lbs up flights of stairs.

Top Features of Amazon Flex

  • Delivery drivers have access to two types of shifts. Reserved shifts are three or six-hour blocks booked in advance. On-demand shifts are the other option but aren’t guaranteed.
  • Unlike many other driving and delivery apps, Amazon Flex promises a minimum pay rate for your work.
  • Prime Now drivers can use a 4-car sedan, while regular Amazon order drivers need an SUV or pick-up truck.

Amazon Flex Pay

Flex drivers make a minimum of $18 an hour. That rate can go up to $30 in high-volume markets. Working blocks with high demand, such as the winter holiday, increase the chance of a higher pay rate. Working in inclement weather also reduces competition with other drivers and earns you more.

Amazon Flex Bottom Line

For those in search of a driving job with fewer customer interactions than rideshare apps, Flex is a solid choice. Its guaranteed minimum pay sets it apart from many other apps.


A classic side hustle, babysitting is always in demand. 

Babysitters typically watch after children in their homes. Typical responsibilities include feeding, supervising homework and playtime, putting children to bed, and driving children to or from school and activities.

Top Features of Babysitting

  • Babysitters rarely need to travel far to find clients. The demand for babysitters is typically high in any residential neighborhood.
  • No special degrees or certifications are required, just a solid referral.
  • No age requirement. Babysitters often start working in their early teens.
  • Finding the right family can lead to lucrative full-time nannying positions.

Babysitting Pay

Families pay anywhere from $15-$30 an hour and often tip or leave money to buy food for the children and sitter. Finding a steady daily job or having weekend availability is a great way to earn more than the average sitter.

Babysitting Bottom Line

For teenagers, college students, or others looking for flexible opportunities to earn extra money, babysitting is a great option. Gigs range from occasional to daily, making this a great fit for any scheduling arrangement. Plus, your co-workers are kids — what could be more fun than that?

Cleaning Houses

The typical house cleaner is responsible for the normal maintenance of a home. Mopping, scrubbing toilets, vacuuming, laundry, making beds, and cleaning windows are just a few of the duties. 

Cleaners can also find gigs doing move-in/move-out cleaning and post-construction cleaning.

Top Features of Cleaning Houses

  • There is a large market with high demand for house cleaners. High-performing workers can easily find more clients through referrals.
  • This gig has little overhead to get started. All equipment and supplies can be purchased quickly, and affordably, with costs soon recuperated.
  • House cleaners can either find gigs independently or work through a company.

Pay for Cleaning Houses

House cleaners make around $14-$18/hr and often receive tips. Some cleaners are paid per job, making it possible for highly efficient and motivated workers to earn more. It’s not the kind of money you make in healthcare or data entry, but for a part-time side hustle it’s nothing to scoff at. 

House Cleaning Bottom Line

Cleaning is a universal part-time job and a skill many people already have. There are always openings for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and working fast.

Delivering Groceries on Instacart

Instacart drivers are personal grocery shoppers. Drivers receive orders through the app, shop for them and deliver them to the customer. This fast-paced side hustle requires being organized to move efficiently through supermarkets and city traffic.

Top Features of Delivering Groceries on Instacart

  • Flexible pay schedule: drivers get paid every Friday by default but can opt to cash out daily
  • Drivers make their schedules. They can choose how many shops they want to take on and how many deliveries to make in a block of time.
  • Unlike ridesharing, there are no driving experience requirements. Any insured, licensed driver 18 or older that can pass a background check is eligible to become a driver.
  • The job is physical, fast-paced, and requires the ability to lift 30+ lbs. Some customers may live in a building with stairs, so be prepared for this challenge. 

Instacart Pay

Drivers make between $13-19 an hour and up to $25 with tips. 

Experienced shoppers find the shortest lines to increase speed and maximize earnings. Working in red-shaded “hot spots” on the app’s map increases the chance of batching - receiving several orders at once.

Instacart Bottom Line

Instacart is a great job for a high-energy person with a car looking for flexible hours. Drivers can make good money but must consider car maintenance, gas, insurance, and wear and tear costs.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog walkers establish a client base and schedule times to walk the owner's pets. These gigs can be up to seven days a week and multiple times a day, depending on the client. 

Pet sitters usually stay over at a customer's home to feed, walk and care for the pet while the owners are away.

Top Features of Dog Walking/Dog Sitting

  • Walkers get great exercise and plenty of outdoor time.
  • Animal lovers get the benefit of being paid to be around pets.
  • High growth potential. Walkers and sitters find most of their clients by word-of-mouth and customer referrals.
  • There are opportunities to be found using an app such as Rover or freelancing and hustling for clients.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Pay

Dog walkers typically make $10-$20 per dog for a 30-minute walk. Walking multiple dogs at a time is a great way to scale up and earn more than the average walker. Some freelance dog-sitting gigs pay upwards of $1000/week.

Bottom Line on Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

This job is great for physically active and social people who enjoy networking. Building trust and rapport with owners can help entrepreneurial types capitalize on the massive pet service market.

Freelance Writing/Proofreading

Freelance writers produce content for companies or individuals. This can include blog posts, marketing emails, educational articles, or other writing needs. Proofreaders read through documents to check for errors and prepare content for delivery.

Top Features of Freelance Writing/Proofreading

  • Writers and proofreaders can work from anywhere with remote tech infrastructure.
  • Writers research and write on various topics, offering niche opportunities.
  • These gigs do not require a degree to get started, but a strong portfolio can help to secure higher-paying jobs over time. 
  • Highly flexible setup. Writers can take on as much or as little work as they have time for.

Freelance Writing/Proofreading Pay

Entry-level writers can earn $15-25 an hour, depending on their output. With more experience, writers can finish more jobs in a day and increase their earning potential.

Freelance Writing/Proofreading Bottom Line

These gigs are ideal for passionate people looking to earn cash while honing their craft. Writing and proofreading require skills, but many will find the flexibility appealing. You can make up your own hours and generate extra income from a coffee shop, making freelancing the perfect opportunity for aspiring creatives.

Ridesharing for Uber and Lyft

Possibly the most well-known job in the gig economy, ridesharing has exploded since Uberarrived in 2009. 

Rideshare drivers receive requests through the app, pick up customers and drive them to their destinations. Other duties include customer service and maintaining a clean vehicle.

Top Features of Ridesharing

  • With an ongoing demand for rides around the clock, drivers can create a custom schedule that fits their availability.
  • High flexibility of location. Drivers can leave their locality to operate in many cities throughout the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Customers rate drivers. Higher-rated drivers get prioritized through the app.·

Pay for Rideshare Driving

The typical driver makes $20-30 an hour before costs are factored in. Drivers can gain an edge by working peak hours and busy locations - airports tend to have high demand.

Ridesharing Bottom Line

Ridesharing is a good option for people with cars looking to supplement their income. Drivers must consider the cost of car maintenance, insurance, gas, and wear and tear.

Seasonal Work (Snow Shoveling/Mowing Lawns)

In warmer parts of the country, mowing lawns is a year-round job. In New England, lawn mowing and shoveling alternate with the seasons. 

Lawn care typically includes cutting grass and weed whacking; not as in-depth as landscaping. Snow shovelers usually have designated areas or clients they are responsible for maintaining if a storm hits.

Top Features of Seasonal Work

  • These gigs require little prior experience and are easy-to-learn skills.
  • High performers have the potential to grow their operations through networking.
  • Shoveling and mowing lawns are great workouts and an opportunity to be outside.
  • Both of these gigs have little overhead to get started. Starter equipment is inexpensive, and clients may own their preferred lawn mowers and tools.

Pay for Seasonal Work

Clients can pay $100 every two weeks for lawn care. Rates can increase depending on property size and other factors. Lawn mowers can stack several jobs in an afternoon to maximize earnings.

Shovelers can earn $20-30/hour working for the city. Snow shovelers can make even more by establishing their client network and charging per job.

Seasonal Work Bottom Line

People who have their afternoons or weekends free can rake in on these often-lucrative gigs. With basic equipment and determination, you can even transform this side hustle into your mini-business.

Selling Things 

Poshmark is a marketplace for selling clothes. Sellers create a closet and connect with buyers and each other through the extensive C2C platform. Men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion items are the main focus here.

Top Features of Poshmark

  • Sellers have access to a large marketplace of buyers. The expectation of quick responses moves sales along quickly.
  •  Poshmark provides pre-paid shipping labels for all sales.
  • Running a store on Poshmark requires very little overhead.
  • Sellers are paid directly through the app and can cash out or use the money to make purchases within the app.

Poshmark Pay

The average sale on Poshmark is $28. Jackets, coats, and shoes fetch prices higher than other categories. Poshmark is a volume game, so those with extensive closets and an eye for value do well in the marketplace.

Poshmark Bottom Line

Poshmark is a great fit for collectors, thrifters, and people looking to downsize their closets. 

Despite the 14.9% Poshmark takes, sellers usually make more than a typical consignment shop. The time to create a curated closet with great photography is the biggest commitment.


Taskrabbit “taskers” do everything from electrical work, moving furniture, and waiting in lines to one-off gigs bartending, helping as a barista, or catering. Taskers create a profile to showcase their skill sets and network with clients.

Top Features of Taskrabbit

  • Taskers can search through jobs and set filters based on their skill sets.
  • There is something for everyone on Taskrabbit, from skilled trade work to basic household cleaning and organization tasks.
  •  Tasking requires little overhead to start. Having a car and tools opens opportunities for specialization in certain areas.
  • Taskers are paid on a per-project basis rather than hourly.

Taskrabbit Pay

Delivery tasks pay between $25-$65 per project. In some cities, clients will pay $30 an hour for line waiters. Furniture assembly can pay anywhere from $60-$150 per project. 

Taskrabbit Bottom Line 

Jacks of all trades can look no further than Taskrabbit. The more skill sets someone has, the more likely they can reap the benefit of this marketplace.


Despite the doom and gloom of the past few years, more creative opportunities to earn are emerging. Whether you live in a remote location or in the heart of the big city, there is a gig that fits your skills, schedule, and lifestyle. 

With dedication, a positive attitude, and the guidance of Steady and partners, everyone can find a great fit to help gain more financial freedom, stability, and flexibility in their work lives.


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