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How to Make Money From Your Phone (2022 Ultimate Guide)

You already use your phone to text, talk, navigate the world, browse social media, and more. It’s the tool you use almost every day, but there’s likely one thing you’re not doing with your smartphone: making money.

It sounds too good to be true, but with just a bit of effort, you can turn that smartphone into a money-making machine! If you can turn those idle hours into extra income, you’re on your way to a brighter financial future.

However, your phone doesn’t come with a simple “money-maker” setting, and it takes some insight and effort to make this a reality.

With the help of Steady and the strategies outlined in this article, you can start earning extra cash in your spare time with nothing more than your phone and a wireless connection. Let’s begin.

Best Ways to Make Money From Your Phone

  • Start taking surveys
  • Offload your extra stuff
  • Snap some stock photos
  • Tap into the gig economy
  • Get into sales or customer service
  • Invest in stocks and crypto
  • Get a grip on your finances
  • Take advantage of Steady’s Income Boosters
  • Build a personal brand

You may be surprised by how easy it is to start making money with your cell phone. But like all things in the world of money, higher-earning activities require a deeper level of skill, knowledge, and time investment.

In this list, we’ll go from low to high in terms of difficulty and time required to see a payoff from these money-making strategies.

Start from the top and work your way down to see your earnings gradually increase with time, even if it doesn’t happen overnight.

Start Taking Surveys

Download a survey app like Survey Junkie and participate in their online market research community for a quick, low-investment way to make money with your phone. The experience is seamless and doesn’t require much work, plus you get paid in cash or gift cards.

Data equals money to the world’s top brands, and they’re willing to pay real people like you to give your insights on specific products and services. That’s how you can earn cash just for sharing your ideas in an online survey form.

Is this the most time-efficient way to make money with your smartphone? Not necessarily - don’t expect more than a few dollars an hour at first. However, it’s a fun way to learn early on that you can make money using just your phone, even if it’s not full-time just yet. As you complete surveys on survey sites and apps, a new world of opportunity will open up before you.

Offload Your Extra Stuff

With mobile apps like Decluttrand Facebook Marketplace, you can finally earn cash in exchange for everyday stuff taking up space in your home.

With nothing more than your iPhone to take pics and make posts, you can transform everything from old tech and clothes to appliances into extra income. The process could not be more straightforward, and there’s no need to use a standard desktop or laptop computer.

Get good at this style of business, and you can have a profitable side hustle within a week, which you can scale effectively with various “flipping” strategies — boost sales with better photos, effective copy, and excellent service to level up. 

Eventually, you can graduate to full-on eCommerce or dropshipping, selling merchandise from cheaper retailers on Amazon or Poshmark and potentially making big bucks, even replacing your 9 to 5 over time.

Snap Some Stock Photos

Modern smartphones have powerful cameras that are good for more than just selfies. Open an account with sites like Shutterstock or Foap, and you can sell photos of landscapes, food, pets, cars, or any other type of subject matter that works well as stock imagery.

You need to have some knowledge of composition to succeed here, and your earnings won’t match those of a pro photographer. However, this is a fantastic way to earn side cash with your phone, especially if you’re constantly snapping shots.

From there, you can invest in better hardware, software, and skills to become a better photographer and even start your own business. That’s how you turn a hobby into a side hustle and cash out.

Tap Into the Gig Economy

This might not be a 100% smartphone-based earning strategy but a portal to the gig economy serving millions of people daily.

Through your phone, you have access to a wide range of applications that let you earn money on your schedule through various services you already know how to offer.

These are the UberEats, the Doordash’s of the world (delivering food), and the rideshare services that bring people from A to B (Uber and Lyft). There are also labor-based gigs on sites like TaskRabbit(DIY, repair, moving), or you could be a shopper at grocery stores with InstaCart. There are plenty of money-making apps on both the Apple and Androidapp stores to help you make money online.

The gig economy is only growing, so there’s no reason to wait. Download these apps through Steady, and you can get introductory offers and incentives that put cash in your pocket right away.

With time, you’ll learn which free apps earn you most based on timing and strategy, so always look for ways to optimize your efforts.

Get Into Sales or Customer Service

It’s easy to forget that our smartphones have the technology to talk to people directly — imagine that! Jokes aside, you can use the power of your voice, charm, and intellect to make money on your phone via sales or customer service, two skills always in demand.

Countless companies offer entry-level sales opportunities for people with limited experience, so be on the lookout for these jobs that fit your schedule. Your phone can become your mobile office where you take calls, set meetings, follow up on emails, and perform all the other essential tasks of the modern business person.

Level up your skills enough, and you can earn some serious commission to set you up for financial freedom.

Invest in Stocks and Crypto

Let’s not overlook the power of passive income, which you can achieve through a variety of assets, both physical and digital. Stocks and bonds are the perennial favorites, which you can purchase through apps like Acorns, Robinhood, and other user-friendly smartphone apps.

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you can secure assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum through your phone. However, experts recommend storing them in a separate hardware wallet for maximum security.

There are also innovative apps that let you buy pieces of real estate, fine art, and even wine, diversifying your portfolio even further. After all, you should never place all your eggs in one basket.

Get a Grip On Your Finances

This may not be a money-making tip in a traditional sense, but you can improve your financial condition with just a few swipes and taps on your smartphone.

Everything from mobile banking apps to loan refinancing and debt management solutions can be accessed on your phone, meaning you can take control of your finances more quickly than ever before.

You can also use budgeting and tax apps to make sense of these essential tasks that once required in-person meetings with accountants and experts.

Think about it: just a couple of hours on your smartphone can completely restructure your financial situation and give you a considerable advantage in the long term. That’s something we think deserves to make this list.

Take Advantage of Steady’s Income Boosters

While these money-making strategies can certainly work in your favor, they don’t necessarily offer cash right off the bat. That’s why we introduced Steady Income Boosters, which put money into your account for simply taking the proper steps towards your personal finance goals.

For example, if you sign up for gig economy apps or investment accounts through Steady, you can make extra money, up to $50 or more, just to get started. This will motivate you to explore more money-making opportunities from the comfort of your smartphone.

Income boosters come in clutch when you’ve got a savings goal on the horizon or are just looking to make ends meet during a difficult stretch. The right Boosters at the right time can make all the difference, in addition to the earning potential you get.

Build a Personal Brand

This last entry encompasses a broad range of business opportunities under the umbrella of a personal brand that you can start from your phone.

You may not be able to launch a full-fledged website, but you can certainly create great content for social media and generate a significant following within months.

The formula is a familiar one. Pick a niche (fitness, food, fashion, etc.), and consistently post while connecting with people like you. Building an audience is half the battle; from there, it’s all about monetization.

You can use affiliate marketing, product partnerships, and other tried-and-true business tactics to connect your audience members with brands in your niche. You see it all the time with your favorite influencers, who do most of that work through the phone!

Eventually, you can expand your brand by selling digital or physical products with a dedicated storefront, taking your biz to the next level. You may need to add some desktop hours here and there, but your smartphone is where it all begins.

Starting a brand is the most challenging and time-consuming way to make money with your phone, but it also has the most significant potential to transform your life and finances from the ground up.

Why Phones Make Earning Extra Income Easy

The main advantages of using your phone to make money are apparent enough. Smartphones are capable, mobile, and allow quick and easy access in every situation.

This means you can finally make better use of your off-hours and downtime without the need for a part-time job that’s logistically difficult.

But apart from the obvious points, using your phone makes it easy to track and organize your finances like never before - especially with apps like Steady that feature a comprehensive Income Passport and other benefits.

This technology turns your phone into an all-in-one money machine that earns you extra income and lets you track performance over weeks and months to optimize your efforts and hit goals in stride.

With all these behind-the-scenes features and overall simplicity, it’s clear why more people are using their smartphones to bring in supplementary income. 

What To Do Next

We’ve mapped out numerous ways to make money with your phone, from basic applications and gig economy classics to the basics of branding and affiliate marketing.

This ultimate guide will be a foundation for your money-making efforts through your smartphone and as you strengthen your finances on all fronts. So what exactly should you do next? Here’s an action plan you can follow to get on track fast:

  1. Download Steady on iOS or Google Play and connect accounts for a complete view of your finances
  2. Sign up with partnerships to earn Income Booster cash through the app
  3. Get involved in the gig economy, start selling, or take surveys for cash
  4. Brainstorm some personal brand ideas and set to work on your favorites
  5. Dedicate a few hours each week to your preferred methods and start earning

Remember to take advantage of Steady’s expansive features as you discover new opportunities and earn income-boosting cash rewards. This forms a complete plan to enhance your earning potential, bringing you one step closer to your goals.


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