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How To Make Money Without a Traditional 9-5 Job

The 9-to-5 job schedule has been the status quo for decades, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is just a minimum. Many of us find that 40 hours per week is the minimum, and employers expect much more in terms of time commitment and output.

This setup was ideal for past generations when wages were higher and benefits were a given, but this is no longer the reality of the modern workforce. Times have changed, financial situations are tight, and people are looking for a way out of the 9-to-5 in search of a more profitable and healthier approach to professional life. 

This reflects the Steady mission, which encourages people to think beyond the traditional work and carve their path with dynamic new income opportunities. In this article, we’re spelling it all out: how to make extra money without a traditional 9-to-5 job. Let’s begin.

What Are the Best Ways To Make Money Without a 9-5 Job?

Whether you’re ready to move on from the 9-to-5 or want to explore your options, we’ve compiled a complete list of money-making opportunities that branch out from tradition. 

These options are tried and true, with millions of people worldwide finding success in each domain. Read on to discover more and see which work style best fits your lifestyle and skillset. 


With freelancing, you make the most of your skills without adhering to the standard 9-to-5 format. You can make money in nearly every niche, from writing and proofreading to videography, computer programming, and even accounting.

Take on small freelance writing jobs to get started and build your portfolio on the side, then connect with higher-paying clients overtime to earn a legit, full-time income. 


A freelancing job can allow you to:

  • Work when and where you want — freelancers carve out the schedule that fits best.
  • Sharpen your current skillset or set forth into new territory and start from scratch
  • Explore plentiful opportunities, as more companies are open to hiring freelancers


First-time freelancers should expect to grind out low-paying jobs for a while before establishing a reputation and winning better contracts. As your portfolio and client base build, you can earn more per job and surpass your desk job income. 

The average freelance writer, for example, makes about 5 cents per word for a standard blog or newsletter assignment. You can find online gigs on sites like Fiverr and Upwork and even find survey sites like Survey Junkie to make free money from online surveys.

Wrap Up

You likely already have the skills you need to freelance for just a few hours per week. Dedicate the time to creating online profiles and a portfolio to get your first clients. From there, you have a highly flexible and profitable side gig that you can scale to your liking.

Personal Brand

The internet is home to thousands of personal brands run by real people making real money through affiliate sales, digital products, sponsorships, and more. You can also build a following through blogs and social media pages and earn beyond the 9-to-5.

Each personal brand has a unique identity and business model, and results will not be immediate. But with time and dedication, you can build the brand of your dreams and earn considerable amounts online.


With a personal brand, you have the ability to:

  • Create a brand in your preferred niche, from fashion and fitness to food and finance
  • Connect with audiences and increase your following via newsletter and social platforms
  • Monetize your online presence with affiliate links, ads, custom products, and more


Most “micro-influencers” or bloggers only earn a few hundred dollars per month via affiliate marketing links, but it’s a great place to start. The more high-value content you produce and engage with followers, the larger your audience will grow. At the highest levels, influencers earn thousands per week in extra cash and create new businesses to capitalize on their reach. 

Wrap Up

The online influencer game is competitive, and everyone wants a part. However, on closer examination, very few people put forth the consistent time and effort that is necessary to succeed in this type of role. 

Commit now, and you can make this dream come true sooner than you think.

Selling and Flipping

Buying and selling goods is at the heart of every economy, and you can start a lucrative commerce venture immediately. Browse your house and closet to find new t-shirts and items that can be sold online or in person. Instead of a garage sale, consider starting an online Shopify or eBay business.

This will not only earn you money in the short term, but you’ll also develop widely applicable business skills that will compound and serve you for a lifetime.


Selling and flipping items allows you to:

  • Pick a niche, start small online, and scale your store as big as you can manage.
  • Explore online marketplaces like Craigslist, Etsy, and Amazon
  • Connect with mystery shoppers in your area or expand into other states and regions
  • Source and sell stuff at a profit, create your own eCommerce business


Most online sellers use this side hustle to make much money in monthly passive income. But plenty of eCommerce gurus claim to make many thousands per week, competing with big-box stores for business. A well-executed strategy can set you up for a lifetime.

Wrap Up

The fundamentals of buying and selling are vital to any business and worth learning, regardless of your background. Keep a balanced budget and track earnings to ensure you stay profitable and expand your business at a manageable rate.

In-Person Odd Jobs

Tangible, hands-on skills are always in demand, no matter where you live or the time of year. Recession-proof skills like pet sitting, dog walking, cleaning, organizing, furniture assembly, and basic repairs can earn you considerable side cash and even become a standalone business. 

Start by working through apps like Craiglist or TaskRabbit, then build your client base and skillset to put yourself in the high-earning category in your niche and area.


With odd jobs done in person, you can:

  • Put your skills to work for people who need them most, earning per job or hourly.
  • Develop your network and earn more through client referrals and recommendations
  • Bring on partners and subcontractors to turn your side hustle into a business.


Basic jobs on TaskRabbit average at about $14/hr; good money fast, but the earning capacity is far more significant for specialized skills and reliable service. Treat this like a business for higher-paying jobs and invest in equipment if necessary. Keep in contact with good clients for repeat jobs and recommendations to expand your network.

Wrap Up

There will always be a time and place for hands-on work in household settings. Sharpen your skills and develop vital customer service to set yourself on track for success. Many profitable small businesses start this way, and you can be next.


You don’t need millions to make good money investing. Strategies like value investing and dividends can earn you money around the clock. Many new applications let you invest in stocks and crypto to put your money to work and earn passively. 


Investing allows you to:

  • Beat inflation and earn more by investing in ETFs, stocks, crypto assets, and more
  • Pick individual positions or place your money in mutual funds to match the markets.
  • Take advantage of compound interest, and your nest egg can become a source of income for the long term.


There are no guarantees in investing, and it’s a game of risk and reward. First-time investors should avoid high-leverage plays like options and stick to the basics. You can safely grow your savings and use those extra earnings to reinvest or pay bills by keeping things simple.

Wrap Up

You don’t need to be a Wall Street analyst to make intelligent picks and earn from investing. Open an account and see what you can achieve by adding just a few hundred per month. The more you learn and experience, the better the payouts will be.

Digital Services

This broad category encompasses everything from customer service and support to sales, telemarketing, survey administration, and more. You can work from home and determine your schedule outside the confines of the 9-to-5 structure.

You can even create your digital service from scratch, from consulting and teaching to coaching and personal training online. If someone else has done it before, there’s no reason you can’t carve a similar path with your twist.


Digital services differ from freelancing in that you’re interfacing directly with others rather than producing deliverables for clients in a predetermined contract with deadlines.

Digital services give you access to:

  • A massive variety of jobs available via established firms, plus entrepreneurial avenues
  • Limitless growth potential with businesses that are even more scalable.


Entry-level customer service and teaching roles are easy to start but only pay around $14 per hour. Similar to other jobs, more money will come with specialization and consistency. Instead of jumping around between services, choose one that fits your style and go all in.

Wrap Up

Digital services are the way of the future, so get started now. Leverage your current skill set in the right industry, and you can make significant headway and see above-average earnings. This can replace your 9-to-5 and become a sustainable business with time and focus. 


Packed with features and income-boosting incentives, Steady is designed to help you master professional life outside the typical 9-to-5 structure. Download the app, connect your profile to the accounts you use to earn your income for more accurate insights, and take control of every aspect of your financial health and career development. 


With Steady, you have access to:

  • A full-featured app that connects users to jobs based on skills and lifestyle
  • An income tracker compiles earnings information from all employers and gigs
  • Incentives from Steady partners give you income boosters for signing up

Set income goals, create budgets, and achieve your unique financial goals, all in one place with Steady.


Steady Income Boosters range from $5 to $75 depending on the offer, and the app is constantly offering extra cash grants and bonuses for referrals and sweepstakes. The more you share and connect with others, the more rewards you’ll get in the short and long term.

Wrap Up

For part-timers, family folks, and even established professionals, Steady has something great to offer. Discover how the app can unlock new opportunities and guide you toward financial freedom however you envision.


The economy has transformed dramatically since the arrival of the internet, and we’ve only just begun to see new ways of work emerge from the fray. No matter where you’re at regarding skills, education, or lifestyle, there’s a path forward to earn money outside the usual 9-5 grind. 

Whether at the outset of your career or ready for something new, use the full range of resources and tools from Steady and our featured partners. 

With this guidance and a dash of determination, you’ll always have an edge in the post-9-to-5 economy and whatever comes next. 


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