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10 Immediate Jobs That Don’t Require Background Checks

When applying for most jobs, you can expect employers to look into your past — whether you are hunting for a retail position, corporate job, or a rideshare gig. Potential employers use the information they find to make informed decisions about job applicants.

But for some, a background check can do more harm than good, such as people with criminal records or criminal history. Felons often face discrimination in hiring, and finding a new job is usually more challenging, even with a misdemeanor. The past can follow a person long after they’ve done their time. This can discourage people from ever fully returning to the workforce.

Other people may have concerns about employment history, immigration status, credit history, or driving record issues.

The good news is that there’s a job for everyone, allowing you to skip the criminal background checks and get right to work. Whether you apply through Steady or make in-person connections, a mix of strategy and determination will pay off.

What Immediate Jobs Don’t Require Background Checks?

On the hunt for your next job but worried about your past? No need to worry, one of these jobs without background screening might be the perfect fit.

1. Landscaping

Landscapers help maintain outdoor areas such as lawns, gardens, and parks. Teams work together to create beautiful spaces for clients. Duties range from basic skills like mowing, raking, and planting to installing fountains or benches.

A landscaping job can have highlights like:

  • It does not require prior experience; employers typically train on the job.
  • Landscapers develop transferable skills.

Landscapers typically make $15 or more an hour but can earn more as they expand their skill sets.

This highly physical job is always in demand, and employers hire fast. Despite being seasonal in some areas, employers often have wintertime work for their best team members.

2. Construction

The most common construction trades are carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. On construction sites, these specialized workers have unique duties in the building process. They work in teams to build structurally sound structures according to client blueprints.

Highlights of construction work include:

  • Workers can learn on the job as apprentices
  • Highly physical; must be able to lift 50+ pounds
  • Entry-level opportunities — workers without experience can be trained to do on-site cleaning and demolition.
  • Traditionally caters to people who may have complicated backgrounds

The average construction worker earns $15 an hour at to start. After apprenticeship and licensing in a trade, plumbers and electricians can make over $50/hr. Licensed carpenters earn in the $30/hr range.

Aside from wintertime, construction workers are in high demand. Construction skills can be the foundation of a great lifelong career.

3. Restaurant - Back of House (BOH) Positions 

Restaurants are everywhere and always hiring. Dishwashing, prepping, and line cooking positions are easy to find online or by applying in person. Dishwashers play an essential role in maintaining the cleanliness of a kitchen. Cooks are responsible for consistently executing safe and quality food preparation. 

Highlights of restaurant positions include:

  • Fast-paced environment with diverse teams
  • Growth potential. Most restaurants promote from within; a dishwasher can climb the ranks to management in a few years.

That said, restaurant work can be highly strenuous, and workers often must be able to lift 50+ pounds and stand for shifts lasting up to 12 hours or more.

When it comes to pay, dishwashers without experience usually start at minimum wage, while prep and line cooks make even more. Highly skilled or specialized cooks can earn between $20-$25 an hour.

The back-of-house restaurant has many opportunities for people with immigration status concerns. Many of these jobs can be discovered through Steady. With a neverending workload, there is usually a job for people of all skill levels. Less tangible benefits include developing discipline and organizational skills.

4. Farm Work

Farm workers plant, weed, harvest, irrigate and maintain crops. On animal farms, they are responsible for feeding, watering, grooming, weighing, and herding animals.

Farm work is highly physical, typically outdoor work often in dirty conditions. You should keep in mind that farmers also work in all states — rain, shine, or snow.

Farmers usually start at minimum wage but can earn more by moving into management or specialized positions. During peak seasons, some farms will hire day pickers that get paid by the amount they harvest.

Getting a job at a farm with little lead time is usually easy, especially during busy spring and summer periods. But farming is not for the faint of heart. Although it is often grueling, providing food for others can be a rewarding career. 

5. Sanitation Engineer

Sanitation engineers collect trash and recycling from residential or commercial properties. They transport waste to landfills, recycling, or sorting facilities and are also known as waste or garbage collectors.

Sanitation engineer positions are physically demanding jobs, and you may need to be able to life 50+ pounds and work in all weather. As a sanitation engineer, you will likely also encounter dirty work conditions.

The average sanitation worker makes $20/hour, potentially earning up to $30 an hour.

Admittedly, this is not the most glamorous job on the market. But people reentering the workforce can quickly earn a living wage without prior experience.

6. House Cleaning or Housekeeping

Cleaners help their clients to maintain spotless facilities. Mopping, laundry, doing the dishes, vacuuming, and organizing are among the top responsibilities. Cleaners are employed in residential, commercial, or hotel settings.

A housekeeping job calls for easy-to-learn skills that many people already have, but it does require close attention to detail and a natural sense of organization. 

Cleaning companies are constantly hiring and are willing to train on the job, and cleaners may make between $14-18/hr, with many clients being willing to tip for good service.

Cleaning companies often hire people with immigration concerns. Cleaners can find plenty of work with a good attitude and willingness to learn. With some small investments, workers can eventually turn this job into their own lucrative business.

7. Barber

Barbers offer a variety of grooming services. In addition to haircutting, hairstyling, beard maintenance, and hair coloring, barbers maintain the cleanliness of the shop and make product recommendations. 

Some highlights of work as a barber include:

  • Potential barbers can get an apprenticeship and learn on the job from a professional
  • It is an easy skill to begin but takes years to master
  • Fewer starting qualifications than hairdressing
  • Highly social environment. Must have close attention to detail, strong communication, and customer service skills

Barbers usually make about $16 an hour starting. Since tipping is expected, the actual wage is closer to $20-22/hr. Master barbers at the top of their craft can earn much more.

The market for barbers has heated up over the last few years. This is the perfect gig for the social type who enjoys interaction with the general public in a fast-paced environment. 

8. Pet Care

In this broad field, there are many opportunities — nearly everyone has an animal friend. People love their pets as if they are their children and are willing to spend top dollar for their care. Dog walking, boarding, house sitting, and grooming are the most needed services. 

Pet care jobs are:

  • Ideal for animal lovers and social people
  • Flexible in terms of schedule. Walkers can create a plan that works for their life.
  • Full of potential to become a dedicated business

Dog walkers typically make $10-$20 for a 30-minute walk. Walking multiple dogs at once is an easy way to scale up and increase earnings.

Working in pet care is a pet lover's dream. Responsible, trustworthy caretakers can maintain long-term relationships with clients and build a solid business for themselves.

9. Babysitting/Nannying

Babysitters watch children in their homes. Responsibilities range from feeding, supervising homework and playtime, putting children to bed, and driving children to or from school or other activities. There are also full-time opportunities like becoming a live-in nanny.

The demand for babysitters is high in many residential neighborhoods, and there are no special licenses or certifications required to start. Families may pay anywhere from $15-$30 an hour. Although not guaranteed, families often tip as well.

Babysitting can be an excellent job for natural caretakers, with good pay and flexible hours. With a good referral, there are plenty of emerging opportunities.

10. Freelance Writing and Proofreading

Freelance writers produce content for companies or individuals. This can range from blog posts, marketing emails, and educational articles to any other writing needs. 

Proofreaders read through documents to check for spelling, grammatical, and voice/tone errors. Freelancers work remotely, while writers research and write on a wide variety of topics. These types of jobs are highly flexible, and writers can take on as much or as little work as they have time for.

Entry-level freelancing jobs may earn new writers between $15-25 an hour. With more experience, writers can take on a more significant workload and increase their earning potential.

Freelance writing or proofreading is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to hone their craft without being tied to an office. With some hustle, you can turn this gig into a small business.


Do not lose hope if you have a criminal record or other concerns. After all, you can get a job from on this list. We’ve provided just a few jobs and job descriptions that can be found in today’s economy without employment background checks. Still, if you’re looking to find jobs different from the ones we mentioned, there are plenty of other no-background-check jobs out there.

Also, remember that these are not “dead-end jobs” — they can be jumping-off points for bigger goals and even a business of your own.

Steady’s job search feature can be a powerful tool on the hunt for your next opportunity. Simply narrow your search to your skills and locale to find the perfect fit. 


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