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12 Low-stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree (2022)

Two critical lessons about the working world seem to go against the conventional wisdom of older generations and are even more true of the internet age.

  1. Working a job doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Moreover, the stress you endure for a job has little to do with earnings since some of the lowest paying jobs on the planet are grueling and stressful.
  2. You don’t need a fancy degree from a prestigious institution to make money, especially in the current economic landscape and the gig economy. While a degree might raise your chances of landing specific jobs, there are no guarantees, and the risk/reward ratio of earning those credentials is no longer so favorable.

Knowing these two things, capable workers without a college degree can now set themselves up for an ideal employment scenario that pays well with minimal stress and the potential to expand their horizons.

In this article, we’ll talk about some jobs that meet these criteria, how you can attain those positions, and some strategies that ensure you make the most of your working hours without wasted effort and spinning wheels.

We’ll also share how Steady is helping workers at every level improve their working conditions, boost their earnings, and live the stress-free lives they deserve.

12 Low-stress Jobs You Can Do Without a Degree

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1. Postal Service and Delivery Worker

Whether you work for the state or a private shipping firm, postmasters make a decent starting salary - around $48,000 - with the potential to rise through the ranks. You don’t need a degree to start, and these organizations are always looking for new hires.

Regarding stress, delivering the mail is fairly laid back, even though you’re expected to drive and deliver continuously during a shift. 

The job can also be physically demanding at times. Remember that the mail needs to get there, whether rain, snow, or shine.

2. Customer Support Specialist

The market consistently rewards companies that offer customer support, whether you choose to work in-house for a company or fill in gaps as a contractor at a third-party firm. 

In everything from tech to finance and healthcare, support is a skill that pays an average of $43,000. You’ll need to know products and services deeply to succeed at the highest tiers, but entry-level roles are usually available to get a foot in the door.

Customer support doesn’t always have a reputation for being stress-free, but there are ways to diffuse situations on the phone or in person. Like anything, you learn these techniques with time and turn pro.

3. Dog Walking, Grooming, and Pet Care

You can transform a passion for animals into a lucrative career, and you don’t need a degree for many well-paying roles.

The long road to becoming a veterinarian isn’t the only route. From dog walking to grooming and other forms of care, you can secure a salary of $35,000 to start.

These jobs are for a particular type of person, obviously, and only pursue this path if you are naturally patient and proficient with animals. Dealing with pets isn’t always fun, even if you love animals, so be prepared for anything.

4. Personal Trainers and Fitness Coach

As a personal trainer, you get to socialize, stay active, and help people achieve their fitness goals while bringing home a decent amount of cash. Starting salaries for trainers are on the lower side at about $34,000, but there is no ceiling to what you can earn.

No degree is necessary to become a trainer, but you will need a certification from one of the many accredited organizations like ISSA or NASM. These exams require time and money to pass but are more attainable than a four-year degree.

With a good mix of career options and a low-stress setting, becoming a trainer may be the perfect option for those who like to stay fit.

5. Home Health and Care Aide

Millions of personal care assistant roles need to be filled annually, and demand will only rise as populations age. Home health aides and similar roles can pay well depending on the client and circumstances, with an expected starting salary of $33,000.

These jobs vary significantly in scope and setting. Still, you can expect to help patients move, bathe, groom, administer medication, and generally be available for them where family members cannot.

This job may come with a certain amount of emotional stress but can also be rewarding and help make a big difference in people’s lives.

6. Landscaping and Groundskeeping

No matter the season or region, money is always needed to make the land look better. Private homes, public institutions, and various venues will pay landscapers year-round. You don’t need much training to jump in on the front lines.

If you’re able to learn on the job and acquire new skills with agility, you can soon find yourself with a salary of over $35,000 and climbing up the ranks within a company.

Landscaping stresses mainly from time constraints, but as you become skilled in your craft, you may find it pleasant to work outside and take pride in your accomplishments.

7. Virtual Assistant and Administrator

As the internet economy evolves, many entrepreneurs and executives seek help staying organized and ahead of the curve. As a virtual assistant, you fill this role by handling administrative tasks like taking messages, setting schedules, and making travel arrangements.

This job requires organizational skills and professional communication, so it shouldn’t be stressful if those are your strengths. If you excel at your work, you can make anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000without tons of experience.

As a VA, you’ll also learn invaluable business lessons and open new doors that other jobs on this list might not.

8. Makeup Artist and Cosmetologist

Since the beauty industry is thriving with no signs of slowing, it’s a great time to dedicate yourself to the art and science of cosmetics and makeup.

While makeup artists focus on only facial makeup, cosmetologists have training in everything from skincare and nail health to other specialties that improve clients' physical appearance. Depending on your niche, you can make $32,000 from the jump, with limitless career potential.

Apart from picky clients, these jobs aren’t too stressful, and you can develop a strong base of customers using social media and networking.

9. Freelancing (Many Specializations)

Following the pandemic, more full-time workers have opted to become freelancers and independent contractors, granting them more freedom and flexibility in their fields.

Remote work technology has enabled freelancers of all backgrounds and experience levels to get into the game and start making money. From photography and design to copywriting and software development, freelancing is the way of the future and tends to be less stressful than working a nine-to-five.

You can also control how much work you take on, so freelancing can be a side hustle or a full-on career earning you six figures or more each year.

10. Sales Representative

It’s one of the world’s most fundamental skills, and sales can set you up for a phenomenal career if you commit to learning. Entry-level representatives can earn as much as $40,000in their first few years, with a commission and other incentives pushing them along the way.

Every organization needs a sales crew to connect customers with their products and services, so tune up your pitch and see if you can earn a spot on the team. Some find the job stressful, while others are motivated by the environment. 

The best part is that sales skills are highly transferable, meaning you can leapfrog from one job to the next and boost your earnings every time.

11. Rideshare and Food Delivery Drivers

The world’s most popular side hustle is easier than ever to begin, thanks to apps and services that streamline the process. Rideshare and delivery drivers can make up to $35,000 a year by treating it like a full-time job, and you set your schedule.

Working these gigs can sometimes be stressful with traffic, customers, and car troubles, but you learn the ropes early on and turn it into an enjoyable experience.

There are also plenty of bonuses and incentives to look forward to when driving, so be on the lookout for those offers that can earn you more.

12. Software Development and Design

It may surprise some, but you don’t need a traditional four-year degree to start in the software world. Many programmers are now self-taught or take “boot camps” that prepare them for high-level jobs.

This job can be somewhat stressful, but it’s all about the skills. The possibility of earning more than $50,000 at the outset might be your motivation to get started.

How These Jobs Made Our List

For a job to qualify for our list, it must be attainable without a degree and require less than one year of training to begin. These jobs must also be widely available and have a reasonable starting salary higher than minimum wage.

What Is a Low-stress Job?

Everyone has a different idea of stress, but in general, we can agree that low-stress jobs have a manageable level of mental, emotional, and physical difficulty.

These jobs may be challenging, but the stakes are somewhat low — unlike being a police officer, firefighter, or ambulance driver. 

Which Job Has the Lowest Stress?

It’s up to you to decide what job is the lowest stress, then determine if you want to pursue that career. For some, the ideal job has a work-from-home setup, while others find it more relaxing to be around people in a laid-back office, gym, or salon.

Remember that reality often differs from how we imagine a specific career. 

Be sure to talk to real people who do these jobs and research what it’s like to be involved. Ultimately, direct experience is the only way to discover if you enjoy a job or not.

What To Do Next

Research, discovery, and some trial-and-error are vital in getting your perfect career, especially desirable jobs with low stress and high pay.

The job-seeking process itself can be stressful, not to mention time-consuming. Don’t let this discourage you. Instead, use modern tools to stay ahead of the curve.

This means streamlining your efforts with digital resume builders and platforms like Steady that curate the best opportunities available. That’s how you cut through much of the fog and frustration that comes with finding or switching jobs.

By using Steady, you can tap into the best that the gig economy offers, along with income-boosting incentives that keep your cash flow up when you need it most. 

With our intuitive app that coordinates your offers and income in one place, you gain a significant edge in this fast-moving job market. From there, it’s just a matter of time before you have one job - or more - that pays well and provides the work-life balance you’ve been searching for.


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