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The Most Lucrative and High-Paying Side Hustles

From surging inflation to the influence of social media, we’re all under pressure to bring in more money. It’s no wonder the vast majority of Americans — nine out of 10 working Americans, in some studies — are pursuing side hustles to earn extra cash on top of their primary incomes.

The problem is that not all side hustles are equal, and some are not worth the time and effort required. Central to our mission at Steady is getting people on track with an income situation that works best for them, playing to their strengths, and earning proper compensation.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and pinpoint the highest-paying side hustles available, ranging from remote work opportunities to hands-on work in the real world.

What Are the Most Lucrative and High-Paying Side Hustles?

People have various reasons for starting a great side hustle, from boosting savings to paying down debt to simply enjoying luxury goods. Here are the most lucrative ways to make money on the side in 2022.

Online Teaching and Instruction

Education remains one of the world’s largest industries, and people will pay top dollar for your expertise online or in person. Teaching English is the entry-level option here, and plenty of web-based companies will connect you with both domestic and abroad students.

The highest-paid educators narrow their teachings to a specialized niche and capitalize on in-person training, coaching, or digital courses with infinite scalability. 

Top Features

Some of the best features of online teaching include:

  • Turning your expertise in a field into a sustainable side hustle or career
  • Using existing platforms to connect with high school or college students or go solo
  • Developing a reputation and client base, then increase online course prices over time


Teachers aren’t known for huge incomes, but online education is different. Online tutors and coaches can make anywhere from $25 to $50 for a session and work from home. 

Bottom Line

There will always be a place for educators, tutors, and trainers in this recession-proof industry. Take what you’ve learned from your career and teach it to others for profit.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

High-performing entrepreneurs and businesspeople need assistants to organize their schedules and handle daily tasks precisely. Virtual assistants are paid well to stay organized and be available to take calls, complete forms, and coordinate tasks.

Top Features

Virtual assistant jobs offer you:

  • Fast-paced, high-energy work done remotely; lots of flexibility
  • Ability to work in stride with leading business people and learn hands-on
  • Enormous potential for growth, including cash bonuses and new opportunities


Entry-level VAs may earn between $10-$15 depending on references and experience. Remember you’re competing with overseas workers willing to accept lower wages. If you can differentiate yourself with attentive, personalized services, you can earn upward of $20/hr.

Bottom Line

Patience and organization will pay off as a virtual assistant. Don’t expect big payouts at first, but this can transform into a high-paying side gig with continued effort and networking.

Social Media Management

Much of the B2C economy is now powered by social media, and knowledge of powerful platforms can earn you cash with a suitable business model. Demonstrate expertise and gain clients, boosting follow counts, user engagement, and conversions. 

Top Features

When it comes to social media management, you can enjoy:

  • A simple business model, high-growth environment, endless opportunities
  • The ability to specialize in specific niches (fitness, fashion, food)
  • A chance to build up a portfolio and connect with better clients for more cash


This side hustle is fully scalable, and you’ll be paid accordingly. When getting started, you can charge $50 per month per client, then work your way up. Top social media managers can make thousands per month and even start agencies, hiring others for limitless growth.

Bottom Line

You probably spend your spare time on social media anyways, so why not get paid? Plus, you will develop content creation, branding, and PR skills that can cross over into a day job in countless other fields.

Selling and Flipping

The digital economy has come full circle, and we’re back to square one: reselling physical products. Sell what you own (clothes, electronics, collectibles), then start buying in bulk to sell at a profit. What begins as a side hustle can become a full-time business.

Top Features

Selling and flipping products can be a great way to make some extra cash, especially considering that:

  • Existing platforms like Craigslist, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace that can get you started.
  • There’s a niche for everything — capitalize on your expertise in certain goods.
  • You can go from a part-time seller to a full-time flipper and start your eCommerce empire


Most casual sellers only earn a few hundred dollars per month, but there’s unlimited growth potential for those who apply the time and effort. Top sellers on eBay and Etsy make thousands per month, and there are plenty of eCommerce millionaires in today’s world.

Bottom Line

This is business in its purest form — find a product, make it available/accessible, and sell at a profit. Start small and execute effectively to take this side hustle to new heights.

Housecare and Repair Tasks

Every homeowner or renter needs a hand from time to time, whether it’s cleaning, organizing, repairing, refurbishing, or assembling furniture. Use a combination of skills and strength to help people with their everyday projects and earn a nice sum for your efforts.

Top Features

Housecare and repair tasks give you the chance to:

  • Partake in evergreen, recession-proof jobs like cleaning and repairs never go out of style.
  • Start on a gig-economy app like TaskRabbit and build your rep and client base.
  • Hone your skills at a particular trade and charge top dollar for your expertise


Every task will pay out differently — the more unique and challenging, the better the pay. Cleaners can expect to earn around $14 an hour, while repairs and skilled labor can go for upwards of $30 to start. 

Bottom Line

Master these skills and network correctly, and you’ll never be out of work. You can rise to the top of your field with good customer service and a pristine reputation.

Pet Care and Services

Now that more than 50% of Americans own pets, this wide-reaching industry continues to grow. You can start a lucrative side hustle with some essential experience and networking as a dog walker, groomer, sitter, or combination thereof.

Top Features

If you start working in pet care and services, you can:

  • Spend time with dogs, cats, and other animals while building trust with owners
  • Specialize in specific skills (grooming, walking) or be a generalist
  • Work through established companies or apps, or start a small business from the ground up


Dog walking or pet sitting can earn you $15+ ASAP, while specialized groomers and caretakers can earn more based on experience and reviews. A pet care business has no ceiling if you can build a client base and scale effectively, offering comprehensive services and consistency.

Bottom Line

If you love pets, this one is a no-brainer. Treat it like a business, and you can turn a simple side hustle into a full-time income before long.

Housesitting or Babysitting

In residential neighborhoods, trust is everything. Build that trust with a client base, and you can earn good money as a babysitter, nanny, housesitter, or above.

Top Features

Housesitting or babysitting jobs can introduce you to:

  • Parents and homeowners who are willing to pay high prices for stellar service
  • Client referrals, which are common once you enter specific neighborhoods
  • The ability to earn cash and enjoy amenities like food, lodging, and more


The average house sitting rate is around $25 and $50 for overnights. Add in children and pets, and you can easily earn more than $40 per hour. Families are also willing to pay more for short-notice service, so flexibility and consistency pay off here. 

Bottom Line

This job is typically for younger people without family obligations, but it’s a great way to enter the workforce and learn the basics of business while making solid cash.

Online Freelance Work

Freelancers are found across all industries, from freelance writing and proofreading to graphic design, video editing, voiceover work, computer programming, and much more. Take the skills you’ve mastered and work as a freelancer to maximize your side hustle income.

Top Features

With freelance work, you can:

  • Turn virtually any skill into income through the correct channels.
  • Use sites like Upwork or Fiverr to get started while building a portfolio of your work.
  • Juggle multiple clients or work with one or two “on retainer” for consistent income


First-time freelancers will likely need to accept low rates — under $15/hour in most cases — to get a foot in the door. But with consistent results, strong referrals, and a broad portfolio, you can earn beyond $30/hr within a year of work. From there, the opportunities are endless.

Bottom Line

The freelance economy is booming, and the flexibility and earnings potential makes this one of the best side hustles available. Pick your niche, double down, and turn your skills into extra income.

Personalized Picks From Steady

Are you tired of sorting through side hustles that don’t seem to fit? Download Steady and get personalized income recommendations from the app according to your preferences, lifestyle, skill set, and schedules. 

Simply create an account, complete your profile, answer some questions, and Steady will provide the best side jobs in your area (or remote) based on your information. From there, you can track your income progress through Steady and earn extra cash for making smart money moves. 

Top Features

Here are just a few of the best aspects of Steady:

  • Steady is available to everyone, free of charge, with a quick onboarding time.
  • The app selects the best side hustles for you based on your situation
  • Track your income and make smart financial moves to reach your custom goals
  • Earn Income Boosters to get rewarded as you improve your financial health


Every opportunity offered through Steady pays differently, depending on the job itself. Income Boosters range from $5 to $70 or more, so explore all your options. Steady also offers referral bonuses, emergency cash grants, and sweepstakes to help you earn cash quickly. 

Bottom Line

Few apps offer this much value for free, all in one place. Download the app, get your profile up and running, and connect with the side hustles that fit you best without the wasted time.


There are infinite ways to get started with a side hustle, and you should expect some trial and error. However, guides like this and features from Steady can put you on track to side hustle success in a far shorter timeframe. 


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