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Need Work? Side Gigs To Consider

Not long ago, the gig economy - powered by minor contracts and freelance jobs - was just a fringe idea adopted by a small portion of the workforce. This article highlights the best side gigs and gives you the full breakdown of each one. Let’s dive in.

The Five Best Side Gigs

The best five side gigs are:

  1. Rideshare and Delivery
  2. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
  3. Reselling or “Flipping”
  4. Cleaning and Handiwork
  5. Customer Service and Sales

Rideshare and Delivery

The quickest, easy-to-start side gig puts you in the driver’s seat and links you to people who need your services behind the wheel. This could be taking passengers from point A to B or delivering food or other goods to the desired destination with speed and service.

Pick an app, set your schedule, and call the shots for when and where you drive. 


  • Choose from popular apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Lyft, and more
  • Build up a reputation as a reliable, customer-service-oriented driver
  • Collect cash tips or receive gratuity bonuses through the apps
  • Payouts are generally once per week, with options to cash out quicker
  • Learn the ins and outs of your city to capitalize on profitable time slots and areas

Possible Wages

Base pay for most delivery apps will usually be between $14 and $20, depending on factors like location and timing. Top performers can earn extra cash through tips and take advantage of rush hour multipliers that bring in more for each ride or delivery. 

Remember fuel costs and depreciation when driving, and account for them when calculating your total earnings. 

Bottom Line

For anyone with a car and some downtime between work and life, rideshare and delivery apps are worth a shot. You may strike it big with weekend and evening rides, while opportunities might be scarce during the weekdays. 

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

People are so dedicated to their roles as pet parents these days that they’ll do whatever it takes to keep their animal friends healthy, happy, and safe.

As a pet sitter or walker, you can quickly build up a solid client base in your area and start earning rather quickly. Just focus on a particular service and master it while collecting positive reviews and references. Before long, you’ll have a hugely profitable side gig,


  • Perfect for pet lovers who want to spend time with dogs and cats
  • Pet owners are willing to pay more for a trustworthy and transparent sitter or walker
  • Expand your services to grooming and washing
  • Start working through a company and branch off into your own business
  • Take advantage of house sitting and pet sitting for even bigger payouts

Possible Wages

It’s not uncommon to earn minimum hourly pay when offering pet services, but those earnings can quickly rise once you prove your capabilities and build trust.

Before long, you can earn between $20 and $30 per hour as a walker or sitter, then double or triple those earnings by walking multiple dogs at once. Take that business to the next level by offering additional services, marketing intelligently, and even hiring subcontractors. 

Bottom Line

The pet industry is booming in America, and pet parents are willing to pay top dollar for the best sitters, walkers, and groomers. Only take on this challenge if you’re ready to deal with animals of all types and learn the additional business skills required. 

Reselling or “Flipping”

At the foundation of commerce is buying and selling tangible goods, representing a big chunk of the gig economy today. A combination of great products and smooth service makes all the difference when making the most of this business with substantial scalable potential.

Start by selling stuff you already have on hand, whether it’s books, records, video games, electronics, or clothes. Once you’ve got the infrastructure and skills to back it up, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


  • Choose from plenty of viable platforms like eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and more
  • Create a profile, specialize in a niche, or be a generalist - the key is excellent service
  • Develop a reputation for excellence and encourage customers to leave positive reviews
  • Start buying products in bulk, creating your own, or flipping on a larger scale
  • Eventually, start a standalone eCommerce shop using WordPress and Shopify

Possible Wages

While selling a stack of records or a toaster oven may only earn you $15 on the spot, you can scale this type of business with unlimited upside. Use the power of existing platforms to your advantage when starting, and quickly earn a few hundred dollars per month.

The top eBay and Marketplace earners make thousands each month and even replace their full-time income by rising to the top. The sky is the limit if you can execute a strong eCommerce concept and scale effectively.

Bottom Line

Anyone can jump into the reselling game with just a few items and some grit. You may not become the next eCommerce king or queen, but there is money to be made and universally applicable skills to sharpen along the way. 

This is boots-on-the-ground business at its finest and something everyone should try at least once.

Cleaning and Handiwork

Have a knack for housework, cleaning, repairs, or furniture assembly? These skills are always in demand, whether you’re in a big city, the suburbs, or beyond. You've got a winning side job if you can work quickly, build a client base, and develop business acumen.


  • Take the skillset you already have and put it to work for people who need those service
  • Apps like TaskRabbit make it easy to connect with clients in your area based on job
  • Minimal overhead (a few tools or supplies), and you can start immediately
  • Glowing reviews will push you to the top of the charts and allow you to charge more
  • Someday start a business of your own, turning a side hustle into a profitable company

Possible Wages

The average payout for a gig on TaskRabbit is between $17 and $20, but that’s for low-skilled work. As soon as you start specializing, your earning potential rises sharply, increasing to $35 per hour and beyond. Top earners on the app earn $80/hr or more.

Break free from the app and start a business; you can earn as much as you can handle and scale. From power washing to carpet cleaning and beyond, the money is there for the taking.

Bottom Line

It may not be the most glamorous work available, but these jobs pay well and meet everyday people's immediate, universal needs. There are plenty of entry points to get started, and you may even find an untapped niche that leads you to riches. 

Customer Service and Sales

Every business needs customer service, and sales are the most critical skill. With the gig economy, you can get into the game digitally and dedicate a few hours weekly to these excellent and versatile skills. 

We all have a natural ability to sell and support customers, so why not make the most of it?


  • Work-from-home opportunities are abundant in industries like finance, healthcare, and more
  • Entry-level jobs generally don’t require advanced degrees or specialization
  • Work the usual 9-to-5 or try the swing shift, night shift, or another personalized schedule
  • Climb the ladder in your organization to take on added responsibilities and earn more
  • Sharpen sales skills and enjoy a highly lucrative career in nearly any field 

Possible Wages

Starting in customer service, don’t expect more than $15 an hour in most fields. However, those earnings rise as you gain experience and specialize in a particular area of expertise.

In sales it’s usually all commission-based, meaning you get paid for each sale. Even in small industries, the top salespeople can earn six figures with full-time effort. As a part-time thing, you can make at least $1000/month extra income, which never hurts. 

Bottom Line

There will always be demand for customer service and sales, even in the digital age. Show that you’re a reliable, results-oriented worker, and a world of opportunity will open up before you. 

What Are Side Gigs?

Between the rise of web apps, economic pressures, and the COVID ordeal, gig work is now the norm for millions of Americans, and there are plenty of ways to get involved.

The appeal of side gigs is the flexibility, the earnings potential, and the added security and decreased income volatility we all need right now. That is a huge part what Steady stands for and why we focus on optimizing the gig economy experience for everyone. 

Part of succeeding in the gig economy is knowing which jobs are available and how they may suit your lifestyle and aptitudes, then pursuing them with the right approach to max out earnings for your time investment

How Steady Helps You with Your Side Gig

To formulate the optimal side gig strategy and get the most out of every free hour, Steady has the tools to make it happen. As soon as you open the app and create your account, you’ll see first-hand how you can coordinate the best side gig plan possible.

Right on the app’s homepage, you see your monthly earnings front and center and several recommended income opportunities in your area and pay range. In the “Find work” section, tap on the “Anytime (Gigs)” section to see what gigs are available to get started right away.

Go to the “Income” tab at the bottom of the screen to stay in the know and get insights about how much you’re earning, your income progress, and future income goals you wish to set. 

Don’t forget the “Boosters” tab, where you can explore more ways to get cash rewards while you make key income decisions to steady your income. Income Boosters are basically cash rewards sent directly to you from Steady, just for being proactive in making smarter financial moves! 


Setting up the perfect side gig plan isn’t always intuitive, but this guide should get you started with the insights you need to succeed. Instead of wasting time on gigs that don’t fit your lifestyle or needs, you can cut to the chase and earn smart.

Steady is here to help with every step, from strategy and planning to real-time execution, income tracking, and income organization. Bring it all together with Steady and make the gig economy work for you, not the other way around! 


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