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15 Side Hustles for Women That Earn Steady Cash

Side hustles represent a path to close earnings gaps, encourage equity, and inspire the next generation of women to live on their own terms. This is a core component of our mission at Steady, as we empower women economically and beyond. 

In this article, we’re exploring the top side hustles for women right now, ranging from remote work jobs to gig economy staples that can add up to serious extra income.

15 of the Best Side Hustles for Women in 2022

Women have traditionally been barred from the workforce, but the tables have turned dramatically in the past few decades. Now, everyone from working moms to busy college students can enjoy economic advancement and new opportunities.

It’s not just about the standard career setup anymore, either. Women are now looking for ways to make money on the side that complement their lifestyle and promote balance.

The best side hustles are not only flexible and attainable for women of all backgrounds but also worth the time and effort in terms of earnings.

We’ve included a wide selection of jobs in this list, representing the range of women’s talents and aptitudes with plenty of variety. Along with average earnings, requirements, and expectations, you’ll find all the info needed to get started.

1. Pet Caretaking

No matter where you are, people are willing to pay top dollar to get quality care for their pets. This could mean walking dogs, grooming and bathing, housesitting while watching over animals, and any other situation requiring compassion and responsibility.

Animal lovers will see this as a chance to spend time with furry friends while raking in some cash on the side.

When pursuing this side hustle, make sure to clarify your abilities and limitations when it comes to working with animals since the responsibility is serious. Set your prices and use networking to your advantage as you build a reputation.

2. Delivery and Rideshare Driving

Apps like Uber and Lyft remain some of the best ways to make money on the side in 2022. Women who are comfortable behind the wheel can rack up the hours and earn extra income on weekends, evenings, and whenever they have free time.

If you’re not in the mood for driving other people, countless food delivery services follow a similar format and pay well.

When signing up for any of these programs, be sure to go through Steady and get an extra cash infusion as a bonus.

3. Tutoring (Online or In-Person)

Knowledge is power, and it can also be converted to income if you try your hand at tutoring. Kids need extra help at every level, from basic math and grade-school English to advanced online courses in science, calculus, and writing.

Some of the best tutors can earn more than $40 an hour, so sharpen those pencils!

You can sign up as a tutor through services in your area or start your own business from scratch if your goal is maximizing profits.

4. Freelance Writing and Editing

Many women excel with verbal skills and the written word, making them ideal candidates for freelance content creation. Brands and agencies are constantly seeking talent to add to their ranks, meeting the endless demand for blogs, papers, essays, and PR materials.

The learning curve may be steep initially, and you’ll need some basic examples to flesh out your portfolio. However, having a side gig as a freelance writer or blogger is one of the best ways to earn a steady side income and even position yourself for a new career. You can find opportunities on Upwork and Fiverr, anything from resume writing to full-blown content creation.

Writing and proofreading are just examples, of course. Almost anything that you can do in a full-time job, you can do in a freelance format as well. You can set your own schedule, and possibly even bring in full-time income.

5. Sales Representative

Every company needs a seller to connect customers to their products, so step in as a representative and start closing some deals! Cosmetics, cutlery, and other household goods are the classics, but there are also software and high-ticket items to be sold. You should get into sales in whichever niche you’re passionate about — most likely, there’s a market waiting for you.

Many women who have a social streak and strong communication skills are well suited for these roles. However, it’s essential to recognize that women are not limited in the modern sales world. Over-generalizations and harmful stereotypes have negatively impacted women in the sales world, limiting the sphere of possible industries and job options. 

Avoiding these biases is essential for social progress, and businesses recognize that. While getting started as a sales rep can be intimidating, keep in mind that you can flourish in any field you put your mind to. If you put the effort in, you will be rewarded.

The sales world is about developing a thick skin, applying time-tested tactics, and enjoying the satisfaction (and cash) of sealing a deal.

6. Photography and Photoshop

In the visually-driven internet age, quality photos are at a premium. Many women are turning their photo hobby into a source of cash, selling snapshots online to stock image companies and content production firms.

Portraits, landscapes, and everyday objects are the money makers. Every photo you have seen on news and media sites was bought and sold at some point.

Once again, building a portfolio is a top priority, and it never hurts to get your graphic design skills on point as well.

Master these, and you’ll soon find a steady flow of cash coming your way.

7. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Some women have a knack for multi-tasking, scheduling, time management, and all the other skills that are always in demand. As a virtual assistant, you can capitalize on these talents and team up with busy individuals as they navigate work and life.

VA jobs are highly customized, and the specifics are determined by the person posting the role. You may be responsible for:

  • Taking messages
  • scheduling meetings
  • making travel arrangements
  • shopping for gifts around the holiday season

You might not be paid much at first, but with time you can deliver a precious VA service that will earn you substantial amounts.

8. Makeup and Beauty Services

Everyone wants to look more attractive, as evidenced by the multi-billion dollar beauty industry.

If you enjoy making others look and feel their best, consider starting a makeup side business that involves a mix of consulting, direction, and direct assistance.

With your knowledge and skills, you can help other women select the best products for their needs and make the most of each one.

You can also assist in creating new configurations and color schemes that help ladies stand out and shine! Makeup is an art, and those who excel will surely get comfortable compensation.

9. Graphics and Design

With so many small businesses starting up, there is a newfound need for graphics and design services. Companies need logos, advertisements, and other design elements to put their business ideas front and center online.

This is your time to shine if you’ve mastered software like InDesign, Illustrator, and others. Leverage those skills and create timeless designs that bring in profits for your clients.

10. Grocery Shopping

Services like Instacart and goPuff make it possible to earn money as a grocery shopper for customers of their apps. You get a list, procure the items, and get them ready for delivery — voila! The quicker you shop, the more you earn.

You can also combine this with driving and delivering to be a full-service shopper. That way, you’re more likely to receive tips and boost your hourly earnings.

11. Create and Sell Crafts

Calling all arts and crafts experts — it’s time to cash in on those skills you’ve been keeping to yourself for so many years. Websites like Etsy let you build an online store featuring your most fabulous crafty creations, from knitting and painting to custom pins and trinkets.

There’s no better feeling than creating something with your own two hands and converting it to cash online, then watching your reputation grow with five-star reviews.

If you’re going to be making art anyway, you might as well put in a few extra hours and turn it into a perfect side hustle.

12. Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching

Sometimes it just takes some accountability and advice to lose that weight once and for all. This means you can help people get healthy and fit while padding your pockets with side-hustle cash.

A full-fledged PT certification isn’t necessary for this role, but it does help your credibility. The most compelling credential is your own fitness success, so document your weight loss journey and help others achieve the same.

This is one easy way to break into the world of influencers. Starting a YouTube channel in your spare time about Fitness, or any niche where you’ve got know how, is not only a great way to improve your income stream — it’s also just plain fun. Plus, content creation has an insanely high earning potential; passive income options like affiliate marketing can make these pursuits more lucrative than part-time jobs.

13. Flipping and Reselling

Here’s one for the moms out there who always seem to have extra stuff around the house. You can sell those toys, clothes, electronics, appliances, and other items online, and it’s easier than you think.

Don’t just throw those things away, and avoid the hassle of a yard sale. Build your brand as an online reseller, and you can end up with a bustling online business in no time.

It’s all about presentation, customer service, and consistency, so get started now.

14. Social Media Management

You probably spend too much time on social media anyway, so you might as well make some money on Instagram or Facebook! Companies and individuals need their pages managed and are ready to pay you.

This requires knowing the platforms, engaging with users, diffusing issues, uploading content, and more. These are skills that compound with time and can earn you considerable amounts of cash.

Eventually, you may want to start a small social media marketing agency and launch a new career. That’s the power of a web-based side hustle: the upside is unlimited!

15. Make Specialty Foods

All those tasty small-batch sauces, dressings, drinks, and baked goods you love to keep stocked? Those brands didn’t just appear out of nowhere — many of them were started by women just like you as a homemade kitchen side job.

Perhaps you have a knockout pesto or homemade hot sauce. It could be that your homemade cookies are worth more than you think.

People go wild for great food and are happy to support independent creators, so boost your output and go public with your creations.

FAQs about Side Hustles for Women

These excellent side hustle ideas provide plenty of inspiration, but let’s answer some questions before we wrap up.

How Can You Make an Extra $1000 per month?

It’s in our nature to shoot for the stars, especially for those ambitious women out there. But we advise you to aim for the $1000/month income marker and work towards that attainable goal.

Why $1000? It breaks down to $250 a week, which takes a reasonable amount of time and effort if you’re already working full-time or have a family. It’s also enough cash to make a serious dent in your bills and set you up for success moving forward!

To maintain multiple income sources however you decide to earn your way to $1000, use the Steady Income Passport and commit yourself to the goal while you take your income further.

Which Side Hustles Are the Most Profitable?

The most profitable side hustles will always be those with a higher degree of skill, specialization, and a unique value proposition.

Creating custom logos for tech companies, for instance, will earn you more than driving a rideshare shift.

With that in mind, think about skills you can develop that will earn you more money per hour, rather than grinding away in the same situation for months or years.

What Are the Best Side Hustles for Moms in 2022?

For the moms out there, you’ll want a great side hustle with flexibility and, ideally, the ability to work online. That way, you can keep an eye on the kids and be available when it matters most.

Therefore, moms should focus their efforts online and build skills that will lead to the best work/life balance possible. Tutoring, reselling, freelancing — these are the side hustles that moms love in 2022.

Which Side Hustle Is Best For You

While articles like this can inspire and inform, the best side hustles take some time and patients to discover.

Rather than expecting instant results, view this as an ongoing project that will develop and improve as you test new waters and take some chances.

As always, your efforts will be made easier with Steady, your side hustle headquarters accessible at any time on your smartphone. With real-time updates for part-time and full-time earnings, plus side gigs and more, you can make sense of your options in one place.

Women have never been in a better position to benefit from the current economic landscape, turning passion projects and natural talents into a steady income. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by! Get started on your side hustle journey today.


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