Steady is now Offering Telemedicine Access for its Entire Workers Community and Their Families

Are you afraid you or a family member might have COVID-19 symptoms?

Did your child hurt themselves or maybe have a sinus infection or ear infection?

Do you need a prescription refilled?  

Do you need to know if you need in person treatment?

It’s tough enough out there for hourly and gig workers trying to survive during the COVID-19 economy, without worrying about health insurance. Effective immediately, all Steady members who have fully completed their profile in the Steady mobile app will receive a free telemedicine subscription, until August 1, for themselves, their spouse and any children in the household up to 24 years of age.

It is expensive to visit a doctor, urgent care or emergency room and for non-emergency situations – The telemedicine subscription (no health insurance or social security number required) provides access to a doctor, PA or Nurse Practitioner to help save money and eliminate the time and risk involved when visiting a medical facility, especially during COVID-19. This is provided 24/7 for a per visit copay of only $25 with no insurance required.

These trips are expensive and come at such a cost that many will put off seeking advice on what could be critical health matters or dealing with nagging ailments in order to stay afloat or end up spending ridiculous sums on care that could have been provided from home via telemedicine. This is one area where Steady believes it can help.

Steady now offering members Telemedicine health benefits

The best part? You are not required to carry separate health insurance or provide your social security number to virtually visit a doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner, for non-emergency medical appointments and any prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. So, regardless of if you have a sore throat you just can’t kick or your child has a case of croup, a licensed medical professional will be available to provide guidance, answer questions or provide any necessary medication. This new initiative will additionally allow you to save money and time and reduce possible exposure to COVID-19.

We know this is a trying time for our Members, but we’re listening and adapting daily to provide the support you need to get through this pandemic. Our building telemedicine support for our Members is a direct result of you sharing your challenges with us and us doing our best to meet the needs of our community.