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Land a Job That Makes Money Fast: Steady Can Help

Need income immediately? You’ve likely heard plenty of job-search advice:

Make it your full-time job. Volunteer until you find work. Collect and fill out applications.

The thing is — if you’re looking for quick one-time, part-time, or temporary jobs — this is not the ideal approach. It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive endeavor. And going from establishment to establishment picking up paper applications is completely outmoded — that’s all now done online.

So, what works?

Consider these tips to help you secure work and income fast.

Don’t keep it secret: If you’re looking for work, you have to let people know. You never know who’s hiring or how you might make a connection. That means alerting family, friends and colleagues — in person, on the phone or via social media.

Update online profiles with relevant work experience:

Be specific about the kind of job you want and when you are ready to work. It can be a simple line in your bio, like “looking for work” or “now available for dog-walking opportunities.”

Search social media: Scour every network you’re a part of. If there’s a particular job you’d like to do — babysitting, for example — search for that. Key in terms like, “now hiring,” “looking for” or “need tutor” on Twitter and Facebook. On LinkedIn, search the content section — temporary and contract jobs often are not posted in the jobs section.

Consider other online outlets:

There are posts for one-time and temporary gigs on sites like Craigslist. Also, search “one-time jobs near me” on Google or other search engines to see what comes up.

Check the want ads: Even old-fashioned methods can still be fruitful. Check community and local papers for circulars ads. You may find there’s less competition in this arena than online. Always follow up by phone when you see opportunities of interest.

Create a portfolio: A creative display of your experience and talent is an engaging way to attract attention from prospective clients or employers. Free portfolio sites such as, Behance and Contently offer guidance and space to spotlight your work. Some also function as talent agencies pairing workers with jobs, though it may take some time to get paid this way.

Use apps: One of the fastest ways to earn money is right in at your fingertips — with phone apps. There’s cash for taking surveys, completing simple remote tasks or even, selling your photos. You can also find more traditional jobs using apps.

Stick with Steady: Our cutting-edge app asks comprehensive questions about the kind of work you want and displays specific jobs that fit your needs. You’ll learn exactly when you’ll get paid. And if you choose to connect your bank account with Steady, the app efficiently handles your deposits. We can also help manage and streamline financial goals by tracking your income.

What are you waiting for? Follow this advice.

And get started with Steady today.