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Alternatives to Swing Shift Hours and Graveyard Hours

There are many ways to work in our world, with a 24/7 global economy offering nearly limitless opportunities. Nowadays, schedule control means more than ever.

Some find that swing shift work and nighttime “graveyard hours” best fit their current stage of life. They like the atmosphere, the lifestyle, and the extra benefits like reduced competition and better pay.

One of Steady’s objectives is to grant workers the autonomy to bring their careers and income to the next level - not just in compensation but also in more freedom of location and time.

Let’s talk about the alternative schedule jobs that give you that extra control over how, when, and where you work. 

What Are the Best Alternative Jobs for Swing Shift and Graveyard Hours?

Sometimes you need a dash of inspiration to kickstart your job search and see what’s out there. Here are some of the best alternative shift jobs available right now, featuring a variety of skill requirements and commitment levels. 

  • Digital customer services
  • Freelancing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Public safety
  • Rideshare and delivery
  • Warehouse work

Digital Customer Service

With eCommerce in full swing, companies large and small need customer service staff on call around the clock. You can step up to fill these positions during swing shift hours or even take the night shift if need be. Mastering these skill sets can become a legit, full-time career.

Top Features

  • Ideal for personable people with excellent social skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Most jobs are now remote and only require a computer and headset to get started.
  • Minimal experience (less than a year) is typically required for most roles
  • Pick between finance, healthcare, and eCommerce

Where Is Digital Customer Service Offered to Employees?

With the rise of remote work, digital customer service jobs are available to all, even those overseas. The training and onboarding may not be quick, but base pay is often well above minimum wage, with growth opportunities.

Wrap Up

The reputation of the “call-center” job may not be prestigious, but today’s tech makes these roles more appealing than ever. If you can master the art of customer service, there are many paths to take moving forward, including managerial positions, sales, and beyond.


As more professionals seek alternatives to the 9-to-5 lifestyle, freelancing has become a smart way to work. This involves offering your services to a company under a custom contract, including the nature of the work, compensation, timelines, and more.

With freelancing, you can work as much or as little as you like. Schedules are also quite flexible, giving you the option to work evenings and nights instead of strict office hours.

Top Features

  • Develop a skill that suits your natural talents and capabilities
  • Create a personal brand and potentially earn more than a salaried position
  • Master peripheral skills like marketing, sales, and networking to maximize your reach
  • Build connections in your industry and develop your side hustle into a career

Where Is Freelancing Offered to Employees?

There are no geographic limits on where you can freelance. Start on job boards or directly connect with agencies or brands that offer work. As you develop a portfolio and reputation, you can raise your prices and expand your network beyond what you imagined.

Freelancing requires a natural aptitude for your chosen skill, but there’s no substitute for practice with a dash of trial and error.

Regarding scheduling, it’s entirely up to you - just don’t miss a deadline.

Wrap Up

Millions of freelancers find job satisfaction in being self-employed and self-directed in their careers. However, it’s not for everyone since pay can be inconsistent, and job security is never guaranteed.


The healthcare industry continues to grow to serve an aging population. Step up in various roles at hospitals, clinics, and private practices. The earnings potential is excellent, and many organizations offer fantastic benefits to match.

Top Features

  • Help people recover their health and feel great about what you do for work
  • Test out various shifts and coordinate the schedule that works best for you
  • Sharpen skills that can carry over to advanced roles or managerial positions
  • Lock into an industry with excellent job security and increasing demand for workers

Where Is Healthcare Offered to Employees?

If a city or town has a hospital or health clinics, you’ll likely find swing shifts and night shifts for healthcare professionals. Some entry-level positions are available, but the best roles require a degree or certification in a specialized field.

To maximize your earnings and opportunities in healthcare, find an area with high demand so you’ll never run out of options. 

Wrap Up

The healthcare industry is nonstop, and navigating life-and-death situations can be challenging for many. However, there are ways to work in healthcare without being on the front lines, so explore all these avenues and prepare yourself with the proper training and mentality.


Most of us have some experience in hospitality employee work as young people. Restaurants, retail workers, hotels, and establishments like these are constantly hiring and need to fill rotating shifts around the clock in many cases. 

Top Features

  • Any medium or large city will have abundant opportunities for hospitality work.
  • Entry-level jobs require little experience, with potential for advancement
  • Strong sense of camaraderie and community among employees
  • Many jobs come with perks like free food, tips, cash bonuses, and more

Where Is Hospitality Offered to Employees?

Within each industry, workers can find jobs that suit their skills and interests. Back-of-house work can involve cooking, cleaning, and administrative tasks. Front-of-house workers tend to interface directly with customers in person, on phones, and via email.

Those with more experience can step into sales, managerial, and jobs with more responsibility that may still demand non-traditional schedules, including swing shifts.

With many of these places being open 24 hours a day, 12-hour shifts are not uncommon; however, there can also be many other shift breakdowns, including:

  • First shift, second shift, and third shift
  • Day shift, afternoon shift, and night shift
  • Split shift and fixed shift
  • 4/6/10 hour shifts

Wrap Up

The hospitality lifestyle is not for everyone, and some employees may struggle with burnout from high pressure, customer challenges, and low entry-level pay. However, these efforts can pay off in an industry that never sleeps and has unlimited potential for success. 

Public Safety

There is an ever-present need for security professionals and capable first responders, from public services to private companies and homes.

Jobs like EMTs, firefighters and police officers can pay well, with many different ways to schedule your shifts. For those seeking fast-paced work with a dash of danger, these jobs offer a lot of lifestyle and satisfaction.

Top Features

  • Fulfilling work that serves the community and helps keep people safe
  • Entry-level pay tends to be higher, including better benefits packages
  • Skills are highly transferable and can carry over to other career paths
  • Not all jobs require a college education, and training is sometimes offered free

Where Is Public Safety Offered to Employees?

Every town, city, and state has a police department and various emergency services funded by the government. These jobs are in high demand year-round, and offices are eager to bring new employees on board through recruitment and training services.

More training and education will likely be required for medical professions, so plan and set aside funding to get the certification you need. Experiment with swing and night shifts when selecting shifts to see which ones fit your lifestyle.

Wrap Up

There is a lot to love about public safety jobs, and these are the everyday heroes of our society. The skills can last you a lifetime and earn great money in the short term, plus substantial retirement benefits. Just be aware of the risks and physical/mental demands that come with these roles.

Rideshare and Delivery

Despite saturation in some areas, the rideshare and delivery driving economy continues to expand. If you’ve got a car and are willing to hit the road at peak hours, there can be some big payouts waiting around the corner.

Top Features

  • Craft your schedule and decide when to drive. Certain hours do tend to pay more.
  • Customers often tip for your services in cash or directly through the application.
  • Scroll between apps and discover which ones are best for that particular moment
  • Learn the best practices for each app and the quirks of your city for max earnings

Where Is Rideshare and Delivery Offered to Employees?

Apps like DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft are available across the United States, allowing workers to get started almost instantly. Big cities may be oversaturated with drivers, so medium or small cities could be more profitable. Timing your drives is also key to earning more.

Try delivering food, packages, or classic rideshare services to see what works for you. Remember to take advantage of introductory offers and apply for these jobs through Steady to get bonus cash when you hit the road for the first time. 

Wrap Up

It takes patience and consistency to profit from rideshare and delivery services, but money can be made, especially during evenings and weekends. Since these are highly flexible contracting jobs, this can be a viable side job in addition to other efforts.

Warehouse Work

A booming eCommerce industry means that warehouse work is a 24/7 requirement. If you enjoy physical work in a high-energy environment, this is a great way to make money during off hours.

Top Features

  • The hiring process is generally quick, with relatively high starting pay
  • Hours are flexible, giving you the chance to try swing shifts, night shifts, and more
  • Easy to rack up bonus pay and benefits by showing dedication and filling in gaps
  • Peak seasons offer opportunities for bonuses and appealing benefits packages

Where Is Warehouse Work Offered to Employees?

Warehouses are the backbone of the economy in the U.S., with new facilities appearing in cities and rural areas alike. Whether you sign up as an “assembler” or a “picker,” or simply an “associate,” you’ll have a path towards solid paychecks and advancement up the ladder.

Wrap Up

Not all workers can withstand the physical requirements of warehouse work, and jobs will vary in compensation and working conditions. But for those who find this work engaging and fulfilling, there are many ways to thrive and create the life you want.

What Is a Swing Shift?

A swing shift refers to the time between the day and night shift. The “fill-in-the-gap” hours must be covered when everyone else is transitioning from the workday to the evening.

Swing Shift Hours

Every organization will have swing schedules, but you’ll typically find these hours range from 4 pm to 11 pm or midnight.

What Is a Graveyard Shift?

The graveyard shift is another name for the night shift, usually referring to the early morning hours before sunrise.

Graveyard Hours 

Again, each company has different time slots, but the typical graveyard shift will go from 11 pm or midnight to 7 am or 8 am the next day. 


Today’s working world comes with challenges, no doubt. But the benefits of working when you want are definitely in your favor. 

If you’re willing to explore the options available and take some chances, you can carve out a great career that fits your lifestyle and natural skills.

Keep Steady in your arsenal when navigating opportunities to create your ideal income strategy. With tools and resources like Income Boosters and an income tracker, you can max out your earnings and watch your savings grow each month.


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