18 Top Side Hustles You Can Start in 2022

Since there are so many side hustles to choose from, we hand-picked the best ones available in 2022 based on earnings potential, time investment, and various skills and settings. 

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18 Best Side Hustles of 2022

It has never been easier to start a side hustle, but where to start? Here are the best ways to monetize your skills and bring in some extra cash. 

1. Rideshare Driving

From Lyft and Uber to more specialized services in certain cities, rideshares still offer a reliable source of side income for thousands of drivers each year.

There will always be a demand for people to get from point A to B, especially at certain times of the day and week.

If you’re willing to get behind the wheel during those peak hours and bring your A-game with customer service, you’re bound to earn a great hourly rate and likely some cash tips to pad your pockets.

2. Food Delivery

Apps like UberEats and Doordash are ever-popular and continue incentivizing drivers with introductory offers and bonuses.

Test out various apps to see which ones earn you the most money in the shortest amount of time, then cycle through your favorites to maximize efficiency. You might even score some free food if you’re lucky!

3. Grocery Shopping

Many families relied on grocery delivery during pandemic lockdowns and prefer to use this method still. You can take on the role of in-store shopper, delivery driver, or both. Some services specialize in large orders, while others focus on small and fast deliveries.

This side hustle might require you to do some heavy lifting, but the earning potential is high for those who can work efficiently.

4. Freelance Labor

With apps like TaskRabbit, you can use your DIY skills with jobs like household repairs, moving furniture, cleaning, babysitting, and more. This hands-on work requires physical effort and some know-how, but the higher hourly rates usually make it worthwhile.

These apps will also reward you for speedy service and five-star reviews, so it’s in your best interest to perform well. If you provide skilled service, you could rake in $28 an hour, putting you comfortably above the U.S. median income. 

5. Editing and Proofreading

Even the world’s most talented writers need a second set of eyes on the page before publishing. Editing and proofreading are much-needed skills now that books, articles, and other types of content are being created at such a fast pace.

This isn’t a side hustle that you start immediately; it will take some time to earn jobs. Still, it is a totally online side hustle in high demand. But if you decide to stick with it, you can soon turn those editing skills into good money, all from the comfort of home.

6. Direct Sales

If you master sales, you’ll never be without a decent paycheck. Plenty of direct sales companies are always hiring, so learn those scripts and get ready to close the deal.

Everything from jewelry and fragrances to fitness programs and cosmetics - someone needs to find the customers and collect the checks. Sales skills are practically universal in application, and you can earn considerable side cash if you learn the ropes.

7. Pet Care

Some people are just wild about pets, so looking after dogs and cats doesn’t seem like a chore at all. Pet care is a broad category that includes dog walking, grooming, and pet sitting.

Get started by signing up for pet care apps or joining as a part-time worker with a local service. You can become a pet sitter or dog walker today. Eventually, you may want to create your own small business and turn a side gig into your day job.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Every company needs new customers, and you can fill that crucial role by being an affiliate marketer. Whether you use a social media manager, a dedicated website, or an in-person approach, affiliate sales can add up, becoming a lucrative side hustle in no time.

Most of these sales are completed with a referral code or a direct link, so focus on increasing traffic and seeking new avenues of profit. You’ll often see affiliate marketing on youtube channels or in trendingpodcasts, where it’s an easy side hustle for content creators looking to make money online without any extra work. 

Affiliate marketing is essentially passive income and, when done on a large scale, can lead to life-changing income levels.

9. Graphic Design

There will always be a need for graphic design work, from small businesses and individual content creators to large companies, non-profits, and more. If you can put together logos, banners, infographics, and other assets, you’ve got a profitable side hustle in the making.

Design is a lifelong skill that takes time to master, but this can become a full-time job if you discover a passion.

10. Streetwear Flipping

Many young people make great money buying and selling the latest shoes and apparel from the biggest streetwear brands. Set yourself up for success by tracking release dates and using online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, or eBay to your advantage.

The streetwear scene has taken off in recent years, so if this niche sparks your interest, you can turn some profits in the meantime.

11. Renting Space

Sites like Airbnb make renting out rooms in your home easy without jumping through hoops and contracts. You can build up a reputation on the site and rake in some serious cash on the side if you become a top-ranked host.

Other sites let you rent space for storage in your home or garage if you don’t feel like dealing with guests. Just be ready to do some extra cleanup and maintenance if you take on these gigs.

12. Freelance Writing

Everyone needs written content published online, from major brands and niche bloggers to small eCommerce shops and public-facing professionals. You can monetize your writing skills by becoming a freelance writer and drilling into a profitable niche.

Focus on finding jobs, delivering work on time, and becoming a reliable contractor that clients can trust. You can find work on sites like Upwork and even Fiverr, though it isn’t until you really establish yourself that freelance writing becomes the perfect side hustle. These are the keys to freelancing that can earn you a great side income or replace your current career.

13. Clinical Trials

You won’t make a full-time income by participating in clinical trials, but you can absolutely make some good cash on the side. See what your local universities or hospitals offer and get paid for your involvement in these studies.

Just be sure to know what you’re getting into before joining, and never put your physical or mental health on the line.

14. Facebook Marketplace

You can sell any extra clothes or household items on Facebook Marketplace for cash or exchanges. The most successful sellers know how to market their items with great pictures and appealing ads.

The user interface is simple enough; you can get paid in cash or via digital wallets, so get selling.

15. Tutoring and Teaching

Academic skills don’t always translate into real-world income unless you take the tutoring route. Select a specialty - math, science, English - and help students near you or in online courses boost their grades.

The quickest way to start this side hustle is through an existing service, but you can start your own business once you’ve accumulated skills and clientele. Teaching English online in your spare time can be a good side hustle, and it can seriously help people. 

16. Digital Products

Ebooks, courses, audio content - all these things are sold in huge numbers online each day, in every niche imaginable.

It will take time to develop these products. Still, once you complete them, you’ll be able to sell licenses with no limitations for the rest of the time. There’s no need to worry about shipping, inventory, or any other hassles that come with physical products.

17. Virtual Assistant

Put your organization and professional skills to the test by becoming a virtual assistant for busy people. These jobs involve setting schedules, tracking payments, or doing other random tasks.

Like all side hustles, it helps if you specialize in a particular type of service, like responding to emails or making phone calls. That’s how you can make the big bucks as a VA.

18. Dropshipping

The dropshipping craze is still in full swing. Although the competition is stiff, the barriers to entry are low, and you can have online biz up and running in a matter of days.

Find products people want, set up your webpage, start marketing, then bring in the profits.

What’s the Highest-paid Side Hustle in 2022?

The most profitable side hustles require you to learn skills and put in the hours upfront to earn extra income long-term. This could mean mastering a freelance skill or starting an eCommerce shop.

However, prime-time rideshare and delivery driving are the highest earners in the short term, as long as you work in those high-volume time slots. Your best bet is to work those quick-paying jobs at first and build your skillset in the meantime for long-term gains. However, be cautious with rideshare and delivery driving — though you can make $500 a day under some conditions, you can just as easily pay less than $10 an hour under others. 

How These Side Hustles Made Our List

We only highlight the side hustles that are worth your time and effort in terms of earning potential. Our selections represent a range of skills and time horizons, giving you plenty of options.

If a gig seems too good to be true, it probably is. The most profitable side hustles are hard work, but they’re worth it!

What To Do Next

These days, it seems like everyone is getting into the side hustle scene, from college students to young professionals and even retired folks. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of those extra hours and earn cash, side hustles offer the perfect opportunity.

There are countless ways to earn money on the side, and you rarely need any degree or certification to get started. Even better, the most popular methods can get you earning in less than a day, so why not at least give them a try?

Now, it’s time to get to work. Log into Steady to see what’s available in your region, from apps and services to part-time ways to earn. You can also keep your income organized and ready for whatever comes next, compare earnings across different opportunities, and make the most of your efforts.


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